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  1. Phteven

    My day yesterday with Roy

    And not a single fire, amazing. Gorgeous spec.
  2. Phteven

    Aston Martin Valkyrie's V12 at 11000 rpm

    *Patiently awaits the return of the almighty KS* Aren't they all sold out?
  3. Definitely Road America and BIR.
  4. Brock gave me a press pass for the event! I'll see you at the track!
  5. Phteven

    Patek 20% off.

    I've purchased from Joma Shop before, although it wasn't a Patek, with very good results. This was Dec 2014.
  6. Sounds like fun. Side note: Definitely don't miss those Michigan roads!!
  7. Phteven

    The Montana LLC complication

    More than presumably homes, the agent straight up stalked the guys and sat outside their houses for "weeks".
  8. Phteven

    The Montana LLC complication

    If you watch the interview with the State's representative, your blood will boil. "At the end of the day, somebody is going to jail" No regard for human life. Your tax system allowed for a loophole, and savvy individuals exploited it. Close the loophole and solve your problem.
  9. Phteven

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    Spotted at a high school? Like teaching kids about fire arms, you gotta let them satisfy the curiosity. Legend!
  10. Phteven


    Whoever chose that spec and photos should be taken round back and shot. Watching the videos, it looks amazing. But those pictures
  11. Phteven

    My dynamic duo !

    Bring back popups
  12. Phteven

    Lawyer in Santa Monica

    I appreciate it. I've had two very optimistic consultations. I just put a lot of stake in a personal referral, especially to someone billing $380/hr +exp
  13. Phteven

    Lawyer in Santa Monica

    Definitely the latter. Like $15,549 and counting. Exdrag car poorly reverted to stock. I know I know, PPI. But let's save the time and skip to recommendations based on the facts.
  14. Phteven

    Lawyer in Santa Monica

    I hate that I have to seek a second recommendation for a lawyer, but here we are. I recently purchased a ZR1 out of Santa Monica, and long story short, the car has some incredible flaws that the dealership very much intentionally concealed. Dealership employee tells me last week (on a recorded phone call, with consent) that the owner of the dealership authorized him to purchase the car back and reimburse expenses. General Manager is now telling me to pound sand and he would happily bury me in the discovery costs with his "Team of lawyers on Beverly Hills" if I want litigation. So of course, here I am seeking advice for representation.
  15. Phteven

    Who knows of the magic hangover cure pill?

    I was puking my guts out for about 5 hours before my brother's wedding. 20 min before the ceremony, I'm handed Zofran. I was hopping, skipping, and jumping down the isle in no time. I think it's script only though.