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  1. Hey guys, I’m looking for a Superleggera in grigio telesto. If there is still a car out there with lower miles (less than 10K) that would be my preference. Must have the following: --Less than 15K miles --Grigio Telesto --US spec --CCB --No accidents or stories --Stock or near stock car If you have one or know someone that does please drop me a PM. I appreciate your help. Matt
  2. mm2003

    Franchising advise in food industry

    The restaurant business is a PITA as most others have said. I'll outline below a few suggestions based on my experience. Average unit volume (yearly) = 3x or better the build out cost $/SF generated = $500+ Full ROI = 2yrs or less Royalty = 6% or less 1) Make sure your franchise agreement is transferable and the business terms remain the same for the buyer. 2) If you're purchasing development rights try to extend your target development dates as far as possible and include a ROFR for any new rights being sold in your area. 3) Solid lease in place. Ability to assign lease to approved franchisee (without LL approval). No personal guaranty on the lease. 20 years min total (including options). No percentage rent. Limit of liability in place for the tenant entity. This is to protect your exposure and also provide you the option to get out of the lease if a better site comes available during the lease term. Do not settle for a B/C/D location. Pay a little more rent and make sure you are in a good location for your business. 4) Tenant Allowance - may be tough to get depending on the RE market but we typically see $30-50PSF on new space. That is with electric, HVAC, and slab in place. 5) Solid franchisor. Align yourself with a solid franchisor that is showing good growth. This is important as you'll be able to capitalize on the exit. 6) Incentives - ask about reduced royalty/marketing incentives along with reduced franchise fees. Review FDD as these will be disclosed as well. 7) Have an exit strategy. Remember you'll need new equipment, remodels, franchise renewal, etc between year 5-10 typically. The exit is extremely important and often overlooked when just getting into a new venture. Most units trade for 3-5X unit level EBITDA. Hot brands on the higher end with less desirable brands trading lower. E and W coast will trade at a higher level as well. Higher EBITDA/unit ($200K+) will also impact the multiple.
  3. +1 TT R8 passed inspection in Ohio with import in the tank as well
  4. Hey guys, I have decided to sell my 2002 Porsche GT2. I’m the third owner of the car and purchased it in April 2011 with 34,000 miles. It now has approx 37K. The car was fully built by Protosport/Protomotive at approx 30,000 miles with no expense spared (nearly $100,000 in receipts on all mods). A full list of mods is below. The car has three different power settings that range from 550rwhp to 760rwhp. If that’s not enough it would be very easy to upgrade the turbos and fuel system and put down 1000rwhp+. At the current power level it is very smooth and easy to drive. My goal was to land in a car that was still streetable that I could enjoy without having to worry about stuff breaking all the time. That is exactly what this car is. The condition of the car overall is probably one of the best I’ve seen. The previous owner really had a great eye for detail and did a great job keeping this car perfect. I looked at a number of GT2’s before picking this one up and I would say it was cleaner than most cars with less than 10K miles. Never tracked and always properly maintained. I have all service records for the car, build receipts, oil changes, etc. All original documentation including owners manual, window sticker, welcome packet, and keys are included. I also have the original GT2 wheels that will also be included in the sale. These cars seem to be all over the place with price but I was thinking $79,500 would be a fair asking price. If you have any questions or would like further information please email me at [email protected] FACTORY OPTIONS: Leather Interior Package Black Mats- Porsche Lettering Rear Center Console- Painted Silver 3 Spoke Str Wheel- Carbon/ Leather Aluminum Instrument Dials Brake/ Shifter Carbon/ Aluminum -MODIFICATIONS- ENGINE BUILD: (INTERNALS) 3.8L / 102mm CP Forged Pistons Steel Ductile Liners Pauter Rods Raceware Upgraded Head Stud Kit O-Ring Heads (Top and Bottom) Oil Pump Oil Cooler Bearing Package Clean, check, Inspect Heads, Flycut, valve job, seals Lower gaskets and 996TT Gasket Kit 60 lb. Injectors Hi-Flow Motorsports Fuel Pump (RSR) 044 Intake Fuel Pump Assembly w/-8 Feedline (EXTERNALS) FORCED PERFORMANCE HTA GT3076R .82A/R TIAL Wastegates 4.5" PROTOMOTIVE Intercoolers w/ Bailey DV's 3" PROTOMOTIVE Intake 75mm Intake Plenum IPD Machined Throttle Body AP Headers AP Billet Oil Tanks AP Braided Oil Lines 3" Straight Pipes w/ Resonators (Custom Exhaust by PROTOSPORT)- RACE 2.5" Full Exhaust w/ Resonators (Custom Exhaust by PROTOSPORT)- SPORT *BOTH EXHAUSTS ARE V-BANDED FOR EASY SWITCH* COOLING: New Center Radiator and Rt side Radiator Aluminum Coolant Lines for Turbos Heavy Duty Zebra Screw Clamps replace the weak OE Tension Clamps 7" Low Profile SPAL Electric fan replaces OE bulky fan New Porsche Coolant DRIVETRAIN: New Steel Synchros...Gears 3,4,5 ATS Triple Disc Clutch/Flywheel Package RACELOGIC Traction Control 997 GT3 Short Shifter SUSPENSION: Rear Camber Arm Set Motorsport Toe Links Motorsport Lower Control Arms H&R Suspension with Sway Bars FR and RR Monoball Shock Tops Rear Perch Mounts Front Upper Spring Retainers 4 Wheel Alignment BRAKES: Original PCCB Rotors Upgraded New Generation P40-3 Pads and Dampers for FR and RR WHEELS: HRE Competition C20 wheels w/ NITTO NT01 Tires and TPMS 18x8.5 ET35 18x12 ET43 INTERIOR: 997 GT2 Sport Seats FVD Daytona GT 340mm CF/Leather Str. wheel FVD Aluminum GT2 Pedals CF Cluster Surround CF A/C, Radio Surround Center Console Delete Custom Installed GREDDY Profec II EBC 6 Point Roll Bar Hardwired for VALENTINE Radar Custom Installed ORANGE TPMS OTHER STUFF: MTP91 Interstate Battery 3M Clear Film- Extended
  5. Hey guys, I have decided to sell my 2008 Lamborghini Superleggera with approx. 10,800 miles. I’m the second owner of the car and purchased it in Aug 2012 with 8000 miles. The car is fully loaded with the exception of homelink and a fire extinguisher. It has a few basic mods which included an LNB exhaust, fabspeed bypass pipes, tinted windows, lowered, and an upgraded steering wheel. Overall the car is in great condition. At 8000 miles the clutch snap showed 30% life remaining. At some point in the near future the clutch will need replaced. I’m asking $148,500 OBO. This is a pretty rare color with only 34 being made and a handful of those with the CCB option. Probably one of the few remaining that haven’t been TT’d as well. Below are a couple quick pics. I don't have many pics of the car so I grabbed a few from Instagram that people have taken. Much better pics than if I would have tried anyways Any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]
  6. mm2003

    So where the fuck....

    This will give you an idea where he's at.
  7. mm2003

    1 dead, 4 wounded at Ohio high school

    That might be the case maybe but I guess my opinion is we need a tougher system in place. Not just for incidents like this either. There is a reason people keep doing dump shit all the time (robberies, murders, theft, etc.). Bottom line, there are less people being murdered than robbed, and less being robbed than stolen from. Reason IMO is the punishment for the crime. As much as you may want to hurt someone sometimes, for what ever reason, 99% of us don't do it because of the consequence. Most of these people who have very little to lose look at things a little different, sometimes the risk is worth the potential reward. I'm referring to criminals as a whole, not just this individual involved in the shooting.
  8. mm2003

    1 dead, 4 wounded at Ohio high school

    The problem is we keep putting up with the problems rather than solving them. This guy will be thrown in jail for a few years, "rehabilitated", and back out on the streets to do something stupid again. All while tax payers are funding his housing, meals, guidance, education, etc. Big joke IMO.
  9. mm2003

    Easy come easy go...

    DAMN, that was pretty good. Couldn't have said it any better.
  10. mm2003

    El Chorizo's car

    Hey Guys, just got word the car has sold. I did send John an email outlining the situation and what happened though. Sounds like this isn't the norm for L Dallas so I will keep an open mind and hopefully get the chance to put a deal together in the near future. Thanks for everyone's insight and recommendation. Hopefully the car went to another member here.
  11. mm2003

    El Chorizo's car

    Alright, I remember looking at the website the other day and didn't recall seeing John's name. Decided to check it out again and see if he is still there. I went to the sales page and saw his name but that guy Chris was no longer listed as the sales manager. Hmmmm......I just called and they said Chris is no longer with the company. No surprise. Might have to reach back out and see if we can put something together.
  12. mm2003

    El Chorizo's car

    I like the car and was trying to put something together with them. Just feel like they are trying to pin me against a few others and start a bidding war over the car. If they don't like my offer turn it down, that's my thought. Not to mention all the stuff above. Oh well, I'll find another.