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  1. "Famous and didn't know it" Lol Awesome vids! Very happy to see you out enjoying your Incredible Hulk ! Cheers to a Happy New Year Fadi , my Brotha !!
  2. Awesome man! Amazing collection Beautiful place. Btw, how tall is that cactus ?
  3. Congratulations !! Happy to see that one go to a good home. I'm sure Danny would agree. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  4. Stepping up the game I see! Very Nice Bud! Congrats and keep us posted on how it performs.
  5. Kick ass car.. sounds awesome in the vid albeit even making low power So he removed the bumper to make the video..and lower the car too ? Cannot figure this out. My thoughts are he should have contacted Kevin first. I know, his car right? But , after dropping that much coin on a complete TT package , might want to check in with the professionals first. Kevin is pretty easy to get ahold of. If not considered a friend , he would probably send me an invoice for all the time I have called , texted a and emailed him with all my crazy questions.. lol
  6. Incredible car... killer pic.. Wow
  7. Incredible machine! Congrats to you both
  8. Horrible... Gone way too soon.. RIP
  9. Car looks very well done and taken care of. GLWS
  10. Correct on all points Car is sounding Awesome Enjoy and be safe! Congrats man!
  11. Exactly this ^^^ BIG Congrats to Ross.. Extreme Focus and Determination crowned him the King. Great Job Kevin and UR for such support of your client for this event and always!
  12. No Kidding! Lol And agree, 720 is pretty amazing and this video is just mind blowing... it shows how fast it truly is. Awesome job Brooks!
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