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  1. This is a bit off topic, but it’s a question for those of you who do your own work. Mods if this is not in the correct section please move it as you see fit. The slave cylinder’s been leaking slowly for a while on the viper and am thinking of replacing it soon. I’ll be doing the work on a 4post lift. For those of you who work on your own cars on a lift, what kind of jack/stand do you use to support the transmission and slide it back? Anything in particular I should look for while shopping for one? Thank you in advance.
  2. I would imagine most auctions are buy AS-IS....
  3. michiganlambo

    SV X 3

    WOW ... what an amazing collection you have, all SV’s!!! Beautiful... Enjoy them in good health!
  4. WOW... That’s awesome! Hopefully FedEx doesn’t charge by the pound ...
  5. Amazing machine and color combo!!! Enjoy it in good health.
  6. Glad to hear you’re ok.... I would go back to the spot/area and look around closely, try to see if any businesses/houses have surveilance cameras that might’ve caught a glimpse... just a thought.
  7. Absolutelly agree with this. I’ve always verified funds with issuing bank with a phone # I find for the bank’s customer service.
  8. He banks with huntington, i bank with chase- so he got the cashier check from his bank and made a deposit at chase; across the street.... I checked with Huntington bank and the cashier check is good and valid. It cleared in my bank so it’ll work out, just a somewhat weird chain of events... Thank you everyone about the wire transfer info...I’ll know for future reference.
  9. Yea, I always deposited cashier checks and made sure they clear before exchanging the ‘goods’.... Just on a side note, which is kind of weird to me, not necessarly related to the wire transfer anymore, but still related to the transaction, so I’ll throw it outthere... So after he found out that the wire transfer was going to cost him25$, he got a cashier check in my name; he’s on the other side of town 45mins-1 hr away, so instead of meeting me at the bank, he just decided to deposit it in my account ( he had my acct # cause he was going to do the wire transfer)... and telling me after the fact that the $ is already deposited in my acct...I guess what bothers me is the fact he did that without telling me until after he made the deposit for me; Im surprized the bank let him do it... Thats just weird to me and kinda threw me off for a minute... Sure enough I show a deposit ‘still processing status’ in my acct; supposed to clear tomorrow; So at this point since he changed the conditions of the deal, Im thinkng I need to give at least 3-5days for the check to clear and make sure everything is ok... I told him he cant pick it up until next week.... This just turned out to be a weird experience so far...
  10. Appreciate the feedback...I guess it’s as safe/straight forward as it sounds; I was just a lil paranoid. He mentioned wire transfer and I didn’t see any reason not to go that route...but just talked to him and his bank wanted to charge him25$ for wire transfer so we’ll be doing it the ‘old fashion way’.. cashier check at the bank.
  11. I’m selling a piece of machinery/equipment and we agreed on wire transfer as method of payment. When I’ve sold/bought things in the past it’s always been with cashier check at the bank, so I don’t have lots of experience with wire transfers- hoping there’s more experienced people on here in this area... The buyer is local, we met and agreed on everything; wanted my bank info so he can do the wire transfer..From my understanding everyone advises on going with wire transfer. Here’s my concerns: 1.How do I know the funds are coming from his acct and not some offshore fradulent acct ... .you get the idea;Dont want to be in a scenario where he picks up the equipment and the wire transfer gets reversed, if thats even possible...? 2.Is there a confirmation I should be asking from him or the bank? besides seeing the cash show up in my account.. 3. Any suggestions? Am I too paranoid? I don’t have a reason to doubt the buyer, he seems legit; but doesn’t hurt to be cautious....This transaction should take place in the next few days as he wants to pick it up Friday; any and all advise is appreciated.. fyi its about $ 30s k worth so not a big amount, but not something to just carry in cash...
  12. You’ve gotten some excellent ideas in this thread.... I would also add rollup garage door, if it fits with the design / aesthetics of your plan. I put one on my detached garage and love the clean look and the ceiling clearance if you want to add a lift.
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