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  1. Seems like a decent deal even with that kind of mileage.
  2. This question was more of a joke before. However, now that a substantial value difference exists, it's worth seriously exploring. Someone post a DIY. Lol.
  3. Sorry to hear about the wreck and glad everyone was okay. I'll just chime in on a couple of things with my opinion: 1) If buying an LP640, go for one with Carbon Ceramics. Braking is by far the most pleasurable part of the LP640 with CCBs. 2) You're not going to find a manual LP640 unless you're willing to pay 50-100% more. Good luck!
  4. You would think that Driving Emotions would at least give you top dollar on your trade in because of the premium pricing on their inventory...nope, they will offer you well below any other dealer. Very strange business model.
  5. I'm surprised that a dealer made the listing on eBay. The pictures are such poor quality for an already ugly car.
  6. My bad. I didn't pinch to take a close look. They looked like the same set of wheels I had on my old Murci from a distance. I stand corrected.
  7. Those are ADV1 wheels.
  8. Check out Vossen Wheels. They just came out with a line of forged wheels. Definitely some really cool designs. http://forged.vossenwheels.com You can order them through EVS Motors in Houston.
  9. Yes, the trunk release would come in very handy. Hopefully someone who has done it successfully will respond and take away our fears of the car catching fire!
  10. I have a 2003 Murci and it only came with 1 key/key fob. please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors sells the programmable remote fobs at a reasonable price, but I was wondering if anyone has gone with an aftermarket alarm system with a remote start feature. Is it possible to disable the factory system? Since I start the car and let it warm up for a while before driving it, it would be nice to be able to do it via remote. It would also be nice to have proximity sensors and other features now possible with modern alarm systems.
  11. is that your orange Murci Roadster in your avatar?
  12. Hi All, I own the Aventador in these videos. I raced the Hellcat 4 times that night. I clearly won 3 of them but was playing catch up every time and pulled away once at higher speeds. The closest race was from a 30 roll where he got a big jump but just as I caught up and was about to pull in him, I had to slow down due to a car in front. All others started at 40+ and there was no problem winning. The Hellcat also started a bit ahead in most of the races as well. So everyone can rest easy here. The videos were purposely edited to look the way they did. The Hellcat is fast, that's for
  13. Anyone know a good place to hardwire into for power to a V1 for an Aventador?. Or if I go with a K40 or Escort 9500 installed system, what would that power from?
  14. Looks like it was a fun get together
  15. Sorry for posting this thread 3 times. I kept getting an error message so I tried multiple times. Now all of them showed up. Please use this one for responses. I have asked the moderators to delete the other 2. Thank you.
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