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  1. Until recently I had a A6 and a A4. Needing only one car, I sold the A4. The A6 is the bigger better car.
  2. http://www.streetfire.net/video/top-gear-s...e04_2419986.htm
  3. On the subject of Miura costs.... Lets pretend I did not say this, but the Sinatra car was in general quite fine, but still made a $250K bill to be nice..
  4. lambolp400s


    Front: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?ti...A&tab=Sizes 205/50-15 does not exist anymore.
  5. lambolp400s


    Rear: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchRe...amp;diameter=15
  6. A not matching number car is good enough for most, and will only be priced lover in the most extreme cases (as in super renovations). It is not so bad to sit on a car with no engine, than a engine and no car, since there are more engines around than engineless wagons. I know of 6 engines alone.. 2 in California, 2 in Germany, one in Norway, and one in Switzerland. And i'm quite sure there are many more. But on the subject of engineless cars=value, I can't see it being worth much over $100-120K.
  7. Have you ever experienced "summer" in Norway? No need for open top driving here. And the good used sentence: ..because racecar. It will be my track-car, and I use the Targa with the stronger chassie with a light roof to get weight down to the ground. Not because I don't like the Targa. For what I want, the Targa-chassie is the best way to go.
  8. Why? Isnt it nice? Might have to do that then;) Will remove the rear window and parts of the Targa bar to use this fiberglass roof. Will get better lines than the Targa has, and less weight at the top than the normal coupe.
  9. Would not be much supriced if the car during the winther will get this dp-insiered front I have made, fiberglass 935 fenders, fiberglass roof and a lighter spoiler and bumper in the rear. Tuning with lightness ala Lotus is cheaper than engine-tuning
  10. Was looking for a newproject car to put my own touches on. Got this car, a 1974 with full turbo suspension and uprated dampers, and 2 x triple Weber 46 fed 3.2 liter engine from -84 with new stainless exhaust and some internal work done. It rolls on Kinesis-wheels, and is as rustfree as a California car can be. And it has the dryest (on the outside) 911 engine I have seen for ages. Now, only time will show what I chose to do with it..
  11. Thar site was good Mike, but to bad it did not list (or at least I did not see it there) Alpine 7279LS. Anyone that might be able to help me?
  12. Anyone know if there are some list/site out there on the big internet that one can look up what years the different Alpine car stereo head units was produced?
  13. I have only driver early cars with the 915 transmission. How much better is the G50?
  14. Keeping an eye for the later cars them. And the +/- 30 hp more does'nt hurt
  15. Budget is adjustable.. I just want to know what I should expect to be most satesfied with, and exect the least hassel with. Will be used a lot.
  16. Of those that have experience, what older 911 (Early -70 to -89) would you choos as a driver? Older lighter cars with 2.7 (only if cam-tensioner is installed), or a 3.0SC with more power, or a late car from after 1984 with the 3.2 engine and a much better transmission, even if this engine does'nt sing like they used to do? I know the 993 is way better in any way, but they are to new..
  17. Think that is correct. The one on the white car was standard on the 1988,5 cars. Think they have done some changes to the brake-cooling on these cars that came on the Anniversary the next year. The ones on the black, only by request.
  18. ..350 GT, Diablo, Espada and a 640 is the collection of the driver here, but QV owner does not fit in it. I was to by it, but went for the S3 Because of a substansielt difference in price.
  19. Yes, car was looks over and ready to go, and the reason for the owner not using it has something to do with the last years addition of bodyfat.........
  20. Short clip of it on the road. Had been standing stationary for allmost two years until today, and we ran it for a good while before we dared to turn up the rpm. Here it goes to around 5500. Sorry for the shitty cam that did not get the sound as it should have been.
  21. .. and it was the black QV with the skirts:) Lets put it this way: It went HARD AND FAST!!
  22. Some people might like the skirt, and some not, but I would think it is the same as with the ving that is not original, that it comes to the different persons preferanse on what looks good since both part is not a original Lamborghini-piece, but slurver from outsidere suppliers, but removing the skirt if you got them would probably be the same to someone as if you remove a factory FI-system, and convert a US car with impact-bumpers to a euro-specific car. Most enthusiasts would not mind at all.
  23. Main thing: In bullet-proof vests, one use kevlar because the treads will not be ripped in two, and as such stop the bullet. Carbon pieces will under enough stress break in pieces, but made of kevlar, or with kevlar baked inn in strategic places as has been common for a long time, the kevlar strands will keep the broken pieces together, and not let the part brake like glass.
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