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  1. Very cool ! These cars are so much fun.
  2. I own 2 of each. My vote is for the 9500. It just seems to perform better which is more important than the arrows to me.
  3. Do you like the actual commodity, or are you trading something like ishares / etf ?
  4. I like it ! I have been moving some investments lately and am strongly considering something similar.
  5. Congrats bro ! What beach area you closest to Miramar ?
  6. I live in North Ga, and we have a scorpian that looks exactly like the one you referenced, except they are darker in color here (dark brownish). They are under almost every rock you turn over outside, and they occasionally get in the house. I have 2 cats inside who will kill them, but not eat them. Scorpians can climb like crazy... see them on the wall often.. even the ceiling upside down. So, checking the bed is good, but spiders, scorpians, etc can climb into bed at night, or drop in from ceiling.
  7. Good post ! Some fine truths in there.
  8. Nice run. You using launch control? Track mode ? Have you compared manual shifting to auto?
  9. What launch method works best for you in 12C? Have you compared runs shifting manually vs auto? What mode?
  10. Well your entire story describes my latest purchase except the vin is different Ed brought the car into Atl from Vegas for me and I picked it up a few weeks ago. Awesome car !
  11. Cool.. sounds good. How do you like it ?
  12. Happy B-day ! Always enjoy your posts.
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