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  1. Sounds Awesome! And you got that right...Jason is the BEST!!!
  2. Love the red coupe with roof scoop...can you do the same in white.Thanks!
  3. Thanks...not a bad idea!
  4. Thanks Everyone! Need to take some interior Picts but here is a couple more of my favorites...
  5. After contemplating getting this car from it’s debut I finally put a deposit in Nov 17 and the car was actually delivered on my birthday in July...couldn’t have timed it better. I’ve owned 4 different murcielagos over the years and this is my first experience driving a smaller Lambo and what a car.All the YouTube videos that I’ve looked at many many times and the reviews from Lpower has been spot on which convinced me to order for the first time a Brand New Car...usually I prefer someone else taking the initial depreciation hit.lol I kept my Lp640 with Kressieg exhaust because nothing looks or sounds better in my opinion but this Performante is just so much fun to drive.
  6. Sport Seats definitely sits lower
  7. Congrats! Car looks Amazing!!! I just got my coupe delivered yesterday and I’m estatic so I know exactly how you are feeling.Good luck and enjoy! Love that color!
  8. It does! I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing...that’s a lot of depreciation in a short period of time
  9. You definitely made your point with all the videos that you prefer the 720 over the Performante...Got it! But...I think most of us here still prefer the HP
  10. I know for a fact 10k off is possible and I can definitely see getting 20k but it will probably be for a fully optioned car...paint options alone can be 10-15K lol At the end of the day Dealers will still Make their $$$
  11. 20k under is great! Was it for a new allocation or a car they were sitting on?
  12. This car looks great and this is the only SV kit that actually looks spot on in my opinion + it’s a manual.I myself would not put the SV stickers...good luck with sale!
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