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  1. dreamcast18

    Oro Adonis Murcie photoshoot

    totally agree. but he's still sporting that cartel gold necklace...
  2. dreamcast18

    Gallardo goes...BOOM!

    the haze must have choked it to kill itself..
  3. dreamcast18

    Gallardo goes...BOOM!

    yesterday.. video in link: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...0.html?cid=fbsg
  4. dreamcast18

    For You World Travelers

    world travelers always have T-Mobile..no brainer free 3G and free text..and 20 cents per minute for any local or international calls.
  5. dreamcast18

    Google Nexus 6P: Did they bring it today?

    i was gonna get the new Moto X ; but am leaning towards the 6P for Project Fi usage.
  6. dreamcast18

    The last piece of the puzzle

    congrats! gorgeous looking car!
  7. dreamcast18

    SL was getting lonely

    very nice! congrats!
  8. dreamcast18

    A little less ghetto now

    i want my finder's fee looks awesome!
  9. dreamcast18

    My Grigio Telesto LP570 Superleggera

    congrats..battleship gray is awesome!
  10. dreamcast18

    Went to Monterey and found blue!

    congrats! the color pops!
  11. Have a pink countach Barbie; electric powered in working condition. PM if interested. Prefer local pickup as it is pretty big to ship.
  12. dreamcast18

    LP Scotch thread!

    picked up some "cheap" Suntory Torys
  13. dreamcast18

    Formula One 2014 season

    - Error Post -
  14. dreamcast18

    Pics from the other day...

    grandpa looks awesome.