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God Bless Apple


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A hack has allegedly leaked a massive number of naked pictures of celebrities, including photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Ariana Grande.


A thread on the notorious website 4Chan, a forum in which users often engage in nefarious behavior, contains the pictures.


The photos were allegedly obtained by an iCloud leak that allowed the phones of the celebrities to be hacked, according to BuzzFeed.


The hacker is also claiming to have some explicit videos, though the user hasn’t posted them.




In the past, you just had to have a boyfriend release this stuff, but then Apple came around.


Gotta think Apple takes a hit here, there's been previous hackings, but there's a crap ton all in one swoop. No more free advertising from celebrities can't be good.

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Ha, my linked got wiped. They're being wiped as fast as they're being put up.


Here's another link of them as well.




Fuming because there are no scartlett johannsson pics

Just watch Under The Skin. Full frontal for a few seconds.

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