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  1. Navalny is a joke, you'll find more Monarchists who hate both him and Putin. You are severely retarded if you think Navalny has any relevance in Russia, no one supports him and it starts with how quickly he can change his views to match foreign governments opinions.
  2. Youtube is where people should look and realize that massive usage doesn't mean massive profitability. Same shit is going to happen with Amazon and Uber.
  3. Its funny how protests are made out to be relevant. A bunch of white women protesting against the candidate that according to the medias own exit polls, won white women against the white woman.
  4. Email from Mike Lux, co-founder of Democracy Partners(which Creamer is part of). Mike Lux also served in the Bill Clinton Whitehouse. Robby Mook is of course Hillary's campaign manager and here he is denying Creamer's connections: Also take notice how he says no longer involved with the DNC at 29 seconds and at 1:14 its never. The fucker changed his story in under a minute. On Larry Thompson, he's kinda famous because of extraordinary rendition, so for him to whine about it this and be given a voice to do so is kinda ridiculous, the man has no ethics.
  5. I don't know how you can sweep this under the rug, but its being swept under the rug. Woman claims the DNC and Clinton campaign had her be an agent provocateur at Trump events, FEC showing the Hillary Campaign did pay her and evidence she actually did it.
  6. I find it interesting how you see this out there being the transcription of it: "And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything." But you can clearly hear "if they let you do it." Maybe I'm hearing shit, but I hear the if pretty clearly... But the if totally destroys the narrative. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/08/us/donal...transcript.html
  7. You can pretty much disqualify any man from the presidency if he has actually ever had friends if this even remotely matters to how you vote.
  8. Fake as shit, all over. Reminds me of the Chechen women who have a lot of plastic surgery to pretend their white, but talk about being proud Muslims.
  9. Whats in Obama's left pocket cause his hand always seems to be in it.
  10. Pretty sure Dan Bilzerian just knows a FFL that brings him out guns.
  11. Here's the deal with suppressors, unless its a bolt gun or a pistol, just wear some fcuking ear protection.
  12. Humans are the apex predator, they are part of the ecosystem. I don't understand how people can be like this, they can understand an animals part of the ecosystem, but when it comes to humans "they were here first," garbage gets spewed.
  13. I love the non-bias of American news. Just like the Islamic terrorist shooting military recruiting stations, they can't figure out the motive, but they have a solution: ban guns.
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