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LM002 - unicorn

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A buddy of mine bought his second LM002, and this one is a proper unicorn, or shall we say uni-bull. :)


Absolutely amazing condition, always kept a private collection in Germany since past 30years in climate controlled. Just look at those pictures.


A few key details:


- 1,500 km (checked through all channels, confirmed)

-Injection / not carburator version

-still the first tires with the sandlip (not available anymore)

-first owner picked the car up at the factory and drove it home to Germany

-car got a service in 1993 at a lambo dealership and was not used anymore since 1993

-car was kept in a climatised garage until 2016

-car was moved to a Swiss lambo dealership in autumn 2016 without starting the engine as the car was idle for such a long period

-full big service was done incl. removing of the old petrol. The car wasn't driven on the road but on the dyno so that the engine could be run in again without any big resistance

-probably no other such LM exists worldwide with such a well documented history

-incl. original contract, manuals, service booklet, tool kit, several German documents like Fahrzeugbrief etc.

















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