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  1. 25k euro for the giro is a non sense... 60th anniversary should be a way to celebrate the brand and history while it looks like today the only thing factory is interested in is milking as much money possible from owners every f..ing time from parts, to service, to polo storico papers...and now even the one every 10 years history celebration becomes a way to get a lot of cash terrible imo considered what the 40th and 50th were...
  2. wow! Lambo power is still alive i browsed this place every single day for a LOOONG time! still around old lambos ...even if the old lambos of today were the last stuff when lambo power was at the top
  3. the original luggage set for the SV Monterey
  4. Do you still have a 5000QV euro front bumper?

    1. emilio


      can you email me at

      [email protected]


      i think i can get you one


  5. wi wouldn't simply becasue: - the murcie roadster is only good as open top - i like manual over e gear - maintenance on the roadster is more expensive than in the coupè (you need to remove the bar over the engine and put back in - maintenance in the e geear is more expensive than in the manual - value on the 6 speed will hold better than the roadster e gear the only pro is if you REALLY like open top driving....but you must really love this and be sure the murcie roadster is the way to go....i personally would keep murcie and buy a cheaper open top car (elise, chateram....or something)
  6. nice video: i like Davide's work i met him in person few times and he is super passionate about 80's and 90s cars p.s. the white countach and yellow diablo in the video are mine
  7. drove my all original 93 diablo saturday and the 97 roadster (no cats, sport muffler and VT removed) today i think diablos are the most undervalued cars today... still pretty fast and so nice looking sounding with the hand make feels and one of the best italian design ever
  8. agree 100%this car needs a full resto to be a nice oneand when is done...you have a nice S3 and spent probably 150k$-200k$ better to buy something else for that money imo...some good diablos fit in this range
  9. i have a full set of SV wheels for sale used but good conditions 18" front and rear with caps
  10. i like the SV bonnet and rear wing lip i like the instrument panel a lot i do not like at all the wheels and side skirts....if he had put 16" or 17" BBS gold wheels with gold centers would have been killers and no skirts for me ...with them you lose the appealing of the big flares on the back in contrast with the round countach rokers
  11. owner likes that car, Roy (so do i! ) he remember he had seen pics of it even before you bought it
  12. no, darck blue ..like Wolf car nr 3
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