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I brought the 1st Lamborghini to Burning Man

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I had to remove the rear seats from it in order to pack it to the gills.  I then put a roof rack and bicycle rack.  I drove it hundreds of miles in the desert heat then lived out if it.  Funny thing, one of the organizers asked me to cover the word LAMBORGHINI on the truck. They said it was in the principle of decomodation and labels and brands are bad.  It was quite a conic moment. Right next to my Lamborghini with their name LAMBORGHINI on it, there was a Winnebago. It said “Winnebago” 20 feet across the side of the RV ...  and next to that was a U-Haul that said y’all “rent me” with a number. I looked up and I calmly said: is it that you hate labels or you just hate the word LAMBORGHINI.   she just left.   Every other single person in the entire event was more than amazing! The event was grueling for many reasons and I wrote an article on it but I won’t put it here, this is about the Urus.  this car did very well at that event. Next year I need my Lambo to tow my other Lambo to this event .  

 Urus Burns through a quart of oil in about 1500 miles at high revving and high temperatures.  Storage space is far less than you would ever imagine, but the performance was amazingStorage space is far less than you would ever imagine, but the performance was amazing





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