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  1. He.... Was.... Very.... Slow... In... His... Delivery. Almost fell in sleep before first half as he literally says half a sentence / minute. Jokes are good but not nearly as good as himself thinks they are.
  2. I cant say where you can watch it, but norwegian EXIT was very good. Just ended watching the first season. I hope that second season is underway. It is basically 4 filthy rich men having cocaine and hookers behind their fiances and childs back. But like in reality, try to jump too many puddles and soon the feet are wet.
  3. Normal M2 is really a letdown in top end, well maybe almost every oem turbo car is honestly. But I saw one today in this exact color (although it looked much different without the obvious tint of the photos.) Had also some extra canards on front bumper but looked surely smart. Clean lined car from BMW for once and I have heard it is true drivers car.
  4. Let's start the ghoul pool. who takes the cake? Last times it was rule that you need to put your bet/bets in before january first.
  5. Not upcoming but newish: El Camino. This I gave 10/10 on IMDB. Don't take it as a movie, take it as a two extra episodes of Breaking Bad. Showing what Jesse Pinkman did after the ending of Breaking Bad.
  6. rmtn

    The Joker

    My girlfriend wants to see it, like she is super enthusiast about it. And I am not... I think the theme of "people's mental health will take a toll when they are only abused" is so close to me and obvious, that I am not sure if I need to see the movie. Propably still going to see Joker for her tomorrow...
  7. Screenshot at my mac book pro and Safari. I only use Firefox for porn and piratism. Imho, everything has too much space, especially vertical. Even this box that I am writing right now, and especially the box below it where I uploaded image attachment. Not trying to sound like a sour pussy but I rarely ever visit this site anymore. And I used to do like 3000 photoshops to different users and maybe twice the post in last 10 years at old forum.
  8. It is way too big. Also everything needs to be compressed so that we can see way more topics or posts on one screen at any given time.
  9. I hate tenting but that tent looks cool.
  10. Tillett seats are very good with my long but troublesome back. Way better shape than any Recaro seat I have ever sit on. At least the B5, B6 and B1 are.
  11. Always loved the Kreissieg wail. No exception here. Excellent sound!
  12. That fixed a lot of pain for me too. Can you make that a default for everyone? I think it might help a lot. Another thing that bugs my eye is using bigger font size in headers. It just looks off or like code was broken. Use same font and size but different line weights.
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