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  1. From this point on Lamborghini means nothing to me, it is no longer in my radar. EV is cancer.
  2. rmtn

    Feeling behind.

    I turned 40, feeling I lost too much time in every turn and I was lost so long. So many of my friends have or have had exotics, but I am so far removed from that. At least I am internet friends with Ian so there is that.
  3. Is there a way to edit the text? I have few typos.
  4. Hi, I used to be vivid writer and did humorous photoshops (and few quite big favors also) almost daily for this forum when I was 25-30 years young and stupid, passing time at the most boring IT-career and contemplating the horribleness of 8-16 work. I sure had a lot of opinions about things that I had no idea and posted agressively on forums, so at least something has kept unchange, even if I dont come here often. But back then I came for the pictures and stories of Lamborghinis and other exotica, but I stayed because of the quick witted writers and people who were flamingly enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. Also this forum honed my english writing skills immensely. It got me almost a decade to do the right choice and then after that few years to find my real passion and where my talent was. Now I have been design & engineering entrepreneur for 5 years and I can not stop working. I used to hate hate work, now I cant stop loving and doing thinking, design, engineering, and projects. I still think that I intrinsicly hate work, but it is now first sunday of the month that I kept not doing projects, yet I cant stop at least writing about them. I am turning 40 years at the christmas, and I would not be in this happiness of career choice if not at least partly because of you. (Meaning the old members whom I believe still lurk once in a while to the forum.) BTW I am still nowhere near owning Lamborghini. But at least my clownshoe is world’s lightest with most parts being self designed and producted from carbon fiber and 3D printed and machined parts. I am also still poorest of my city by my own words. Because again I hate doing the work when it involves marketing or selling. But regardless trajectory is absolutely right now and I think I am doing 28 hours of desing for every 24 hours in the day. What my normal day has looked nowadays: I am rendering concrete products while some of my 3d printed metal furniture is post processed at the same company that does Hornet fighter Jet engines, I get international sales in automotive performance parts almost daily, mostly to USA. And I am designing at the same time rally car parts and air supply units and designing also the houses, floating homes, utility vehicles, aerodynamic parts etc etc... And I don't have a single clue what I am going to do in 2023, but I know it will be so much. I will constantly evolve and sharpen myself with all the knowledge, craftmanship and technologies that come in future and can be learned. I most propably still wont ever be able to own a Lamborgini, but that is because of the neocommunist regime that Finland has lately become, but lets keep that suck out of this post. But, to cut the TL;DR and finishing with the cliff notes: Thank you Lambo Power members to igniting my passion way back time, from your own passion. I had no mentors, I had no clue, I did not even think work could be fun and motivating. but now I am finally in the helm of my career and mentoring also younger who are similarly lost.
  5. rmtn

    Office chairs

    While you check out Herman Miller Aero, check also ICF Una.
  6. How about asking those who live in the same condo and have exotics?
  7. It is URUS SVJ! Can fit elephants head between the wheel and arch, very useful in jungle.
  8. Phil's attitude to building is something I can totally understand and there is always similar engineering & design mindset that I have so it is interesting to see those thought processes and solutions. I like the Lambo, E46 V10, M3 V8 and RWB 911. I don't really care for the others on the channel, they lack the good thinking that is so label for Phil's cars. Good videos on this lambo dropping now almost daily.
  9. Only 1 month left. Answer is: Everyone will survive over 2020.
  10. Keep true to your OG content. Yes I can't stand clickbait and shenanigans for more than 2-3 videos from some very popular supercar youtubers, then I forgot them for next 6 months or so, and this is the cycle for me. Ofcourse I do not know what is real with deliberation of the mishap / lie. Just something that came into my mind. Many people take it with facevalue, which seems a bit shallow thinking.
  11. Sold for undisclosed record sum. First appearance in public domain ever:
  12. Okay lets take another look. A company head who is capable of designing supercar is totally capable to not fcuk up measuring. What do they have no money for? Marketing. This was intentional most vague video with intentional false claim. ONLY, only to come up from that with "I am humble I did not know" good dumb samarithan logo on their forehead, and now they have massive audience wanting to see new run, every youtuber is climbing walls to get there and every magazine is staring with pen in hand. Jarod's video had even music on background.
  13. SCC Tuatara was earlier announced to broken the speed record with 331mph top speed run. Very soon after everyone and their mother realized that it was highly manipulated. Today Racelogic CEO came up with his response. Giving clear answer that SCC had used manipulated GPS with 1.48x higher readings. So actual ""record"" was only 223mph. So absolutely massive 110mph or 177kmh less than their claimed record. What a massive lie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_uTuNcqZVQ
  14. Insert gif animation where Homer Simpson backs into a hedge.
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