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  1. Keep true to your OG content. Yes I can't stand clickbait and shenanigans for more than 2-3 videos from some very popular supercar youtubers, then I forgot them for next 6 months or so, and this is the cycle for me. Ofcourse I do not know what is real with deliberation of the mishap / lie. Just something that came into my mind. Many people take it with facevalue, which seems a bit shallow thinking.
  2. Sold for undisclosed record sum. First appearance in public domain ever:
  3. Okay lets take another look. A company head who is capable of designing supercar is totally capable to not fcuk up measuring. What do they have no money for? Marketing. This was intentional most vague video with intentional false claim. ONLY, only to come up from that with "I am humble I did not know" good dumb samarithan logo on their forehead, and now they have massive audience wanting to see new run, every youtuber is climbing walls to get there and every magazine is staring with pen in hand. Jarod's video had even music on background.
  4. SCC Tuatara was earlier announced to broken the speed record with 331mph top speed run. Very soon after everyone and their mother realized that it was highly manipulated. Today Racelogic CEO came up with his response. Giving clear answer that SCC had used manipulated GPS with 1.48x higher readings. So actual ""record"" was only 223mph. So absolutely massive 110mph or 177kmh less than their claimed record. What a massive lie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_uTuNcqZVQ
  5. Insert gif animation where Homer Simpson backs into a hedge.
  6. Mate Rimac, the eastern BMW E30 garage tuner who installed trunk full of batteries; is going to destroy Bugatti. BTW, have you driven Rimac or do you know anyone who owns one? I don't and I think nobody else knows eiher. Only time I have seen one been driven was Hammond when car decided to turn against him, fall off from the mountain and almost burned alive Grand Tour presenter.
  7. Retrieving this from dead and my account lol . I nowadays engineer racecar parts and sell them. I have used Paypal only, and have no user experience of anything else. Anyway when paypal takes over 6% off from invoice payment I have sent, I must look into alternatives. How fast are traditional bank transfers today? Any GOOD and TRIED alternatives for paypal? How much they take from transfer and how much from conversion? All comments are respected and highly valuated. Thanks in advance!
  8. What is your take on Tesla? Imho their valuation is just stupid nonsense. Elon Musk is liar and there is no Tesla Truck, Tesla Semi nor Tesla Roadster... And people gave their money for those. And still give more in form of stock valuation.
  9. I don't get the kneeling. Tim, stop it.
  10. Very good performance from Lamborghini, so is this now new official record?
  11. He.... Was.... Very.... Slow... In... His... Delivery. Almost fell in sleep before first half as he literally says half a sentence / minute. Jokes are good but not nearly as good as himself thinks they are.
  12. I cant say where you can watch it, but norwegian EXIT was very good. Just ended watching the first season. I hope that second season is underway. It is basically 4 filthy rich men having cocaine and hookers behind their fiances and childs back. But like in reality, try to jump too many puddles and soon the feet are wet.
  13. Normal M2 is really a letdown in top end, well maybe almost every oem turbo car is honestly. But I saw one today in this exact color (although it looked much different without the obvious tint of the photos.) Had also some extra canards on front bumper but looked surely smart. Clean lined car from BMW for once and I have heard it is true drivers car.
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