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  1. I hate tenting but that tent looks cool.
  2. Tillett seats are very good with my long but troublesome back. Way better shape than any Recaro seat I have ever sit on. At least the B5, B6 and B1 are.
  3. Always loved the Kreissieg wail. No exception here. Excellent sound!
  4. That fixed a lot of pain for me too. Can you make that a default for everyone? I think it might help a lot. Another thing that bugs my eye is using bigger font size in headers. It just looks off or like code was broken. Use same font and size but different line weights.
  5. I think the site has way too many categories. It would work on a forum which has 100000 users daily to route them into this many sub categories, but It does make this place looking very empty and barren, instead of having multiple threads new or unread on line everytime I log in (which has come down from 20 times a day to once a month basis).
  6. Tiff Needell is doing Lovecars channel, but he is starting to be so old that it affects his driving. Thats why he was quickly sacked from Evo mag videos.
  7. Turbo cars have more area under curve so they walk past. But Amazingly fast cars both.
  8. rmtn


    If I had to take a guess, I would say that he will never post a new video again unless it is some salty whining and finger pointing to audience. I see a lots of symptoms of drug addict. He is going through a ton of pot and even if it is now legal it is a drug that does eventually fcuk one up. Lets see when his rented house comes back for sale: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/110-N-Rossmore-Ave-Los-Angeles-CA-90004/20779321_zpid/
  9. rmtn


    I copypaste my comment from elsewhere: Salomondrin is essentially a conartist. What these videos are is forging evidence that he was greatly hurt by the Senna deciding to burn and is going to need to sell his cars but is unable to make financially great decisions because he harmed his soul. So that he has leverage to twist McLaren's arm for way more money than what he even paid for the car. It is all acting and bad actors as they are, they know we would comment on this and reveal it in every other comment. I have never seen more fake shit. Apparently they tried to forge evidence also against other youtuber Effspot, I don't follow that guy but I heard Salomondrin and his wife lost the case hands down in court.
  10. 2hour dj set from new years eve. Trance - Hard Trance - Tech Trance - Hard House - Tech Dance - Hard Dance - Hardstyle STREAM: DOWNLOAD: http://remotion.1g.fi/mix/DJ+REMOTION+-+Ultra+Relativistic+Koala+with+Vacuum+Polarizating+Raygun+and+7th+Dimensional+Space+Moped%2C+Travelling+on+Hyperdrive+Asteroid+in+Trapezoidal+Laser+Wakefield+on+The+Lost+Corner+of+an+Ordinary+Wednesday.mp3 1:50:00 hard, trance Added 3.1.2019
  11. This is how driving schools should teach to drive: https://www.facebook.com/jurie.prinsloo.92/videos/525123964649636/
  12. ...and Cosworth's lead engineer tells what was hard on the build:
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