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  1. ken qv

    Fatal accident Aventador SV roadster Toronto

    So sad. The idiot killed his wife and dangered how many more.. my insurance agent told me you are most likely to wreck your first year in a new (to you) car. After year 1it dramaticly drops down... as did my rates. RIP
  2. ken qv

    Just got an Alpine for my Countach

    We might forgive you for a picture and a buit of info about your car
  3. ken qv

    Monterey Car Week 2018 - Quail Lodge

    I mean you can walk around the dealerships just to see exotic cars.. and go to club meetings for wine and conversation...
  4. ken qv

    Monterey Car Week 2018 - Quail Lodge

    What do you get for $650 bucks?
  5. ken qv

    Ace's Movie Reviewz - Black Panther

  6. ken qv

    Article of Al "Godfather of Lambo" Burtoni

    Stupid nickname but i will say, we just installed one of his old ignition boxes on my buddys countach and it starts and runs great now as opposed to its' former permatune box.
  7. ken qv

    More prayers for a friend.

    Thank Goodness!!🙏🏻
  8. What matters MOST right now is stopping immigration and finding out exactly who is already here:
  9. ken qv

    Lamborghini Murcielago Fatal Accident

    If you ever or regularly drive fast then be smart enough to know that tires age from the inside out.. so they might look brand new but every 5 yrs just buy new tires.
  10. So sad for the family.. but look at a globe.. there is at least a third of it that any westerner should NOT be visiting.
  11. ken qv

    Elettra Miura Lamborghini

    Isnt this the one that talked about wanting to be in porn?
  12. Nobody from ANY administration has been an average middle class American - not even the founding fathers. Not sure if thats the same for Canada... and i will add that Obama was the MOST removed. I had high hopes when he won elected but talk about a let down. I understand the skew of the board members here, and yes i own a lamborghini, but i also have family members who are not well off at all. I saw them suffering under the new national health care system as its cost and fees skyrocketed. My dad also had a major heart attack, is retired without any extra money and was very well taken care of in the hospital before Obama care as was my mom with her cancer. Maybe your system being long established makes the big difference here , but our change over was not well planned or executed well or realistically at all.
  13. Wrong.. growth and output are both up. According to friends of mine in the Border Patrol- results are huge and illegal crossings are way down and their opinion was "Obama didnt care". As stated, our education problems are not from a lack of funding - its from a hands off approach parents have taken with their kids education, drug issues, and govt mandated tests that force teachers to train only to pass said tests and not really "teach". Hows that govt healthcare working out for you there in Canada? Some dont seem to know that hospitals could not turn away someone off the street if they needed medical attention.. you might be stabilized and transferred to a lower status hospital, but you would receive care if not insured... so why should we strangle small businesses and tax payers to "insure" everyone? Public assistance programs rarely work, are Always more expensive than proposed and have a record of hurting those it was sold as helping. Obama care is the perfect example. Ive seen the proof of it with relatives of my own family. Your interest in Our financing is well founded as Canada moves as we breath, and if this administrations plan can be put in place your exports will increase. I share your sadness in the state of this world but i will tell you , you better learn to live with that sadness because those countries and those poor people im afraid cant change it- and the true tragic reality is, its too far gone for us to stop it .. nobody wants to do what it would Really take, and if they did they cant afford it ie. the USA. Keep praying is always my advice take it or leave it.
  14. You guys would prefer Hillary??!!!😂😂😂😂. With the market going up, job creation in effect, growth at record levels and illegal immigration down- do you guys really care???? How about staying focused on the things that effect the working American. Honestly, i dont care what he says.. only the results for America.