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  1. AudiBull

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Amazing accomplishment Lamborghini! As far as the Trinity, the 918 was out of juice three quarters of the way through one lap at the ring. You can watch it happen on the official video that was released by looking at the charge gauge. On top of that they weren't on the most aggressive setting to make the charge last. To attempt a record time in the 918 on tracks like Laguna Seca that are shorter they had to run a hot lap that would completely drain the batteries, then two "regen" laps coasting around until they were fully charged to try another hot lap.
  2. AudiBull

    Urus reviews

    Those losses are nothing when compared to current profits. The profits from China alone last year are three times greater than the fines imposed. VW shrugged that off long ago. Even the losses from all the buybacks were minimal because they resold every car at a small loss. 3 billion of the settlement fees are being used to install supercharger stations across the country as a condition of the settlement. Some of that will be recouped over time once Tesla and everyone else starts charging money to charge cars. All those stations will be the first 350Kva capable stations installed (as opposed to 100Kva at Tesla stations) to support the Mission E and future models. They likely would have been spending that money similarly without the court order.
  3. AudiBull

    B-17F Memphis Belle is now on display...

    I'll have to check it out. On a related note I was in New Orleans last month and visited the National WW2 museum there. Completely amazing. It is the number 2 ranked museum in the WORLD on Tripadvisor and for good reason. You could easily spend two entire days with all the interactive exhibits and six buildings. Tons of video, spoken word accounts of every major battle from multiple veterans, etc. The Boeing building was nothing to rival Wright Pat as far as volume, but all the digital interaction options are cool. Full 360° 3D views from every seat in a Super Fortress and all the other planes. They also had a giant wall (25' by 75') with pictures of every medal of honor winner. There were touch screens in front that were searchable by name, state, branch, etc. You could then read a detailed biography for each MOH recipient. I could have spent half a day just there. It is worth a trip to New Orleans for the museum alone. A few pics below.
  4. AudiBull

    Hawaii - how big, how bad ??

    Bring a doctor's note. I wasn't kidding. They really did ban sunscreen to help preserve the reefs. They will confiscate it if you don't have a note.
  5. AudiBull

    Hawaii - how big, how bad ??

    You are in trouble. They just banned sunscreen...
  6. AudiBull

    Hawaii - how big, how bad ??

    No one ever expects the volcano to act like a volcano.
  7. AudiBull

    SV X 3

    Amazing! I was wondering when there was going to be enough sun up North for pics.
  8. AudiBull

    Demon vs 720S, Huracan Next?

    Closest 720 race in Florida so far. Next race should be vs. a Huracan with some turbos added by a company in NC. A stage three vs. a 720 would be the best comparison since their price tags are about the same.
  9. AudiBull

    The Performante encounter...

    Good to know. Haven't tried installing it again since the first debacle a few months ago.
  10. AudiBull

    The Performante encounter...

    I gave Android Auto a try on my 18' S4 that I daily and hated it. Not an Audi issue but it was a total pain in the ass. Basically locks you out of your phone any time you have it plugged in other than using Google Play, Maps, etc. through the car interface. Not only that it pops up continuously over and over again interrupting charging and prompting you to install it even after you uninstall. Wouldn't be a big deal, other than wanting to charge the phone and check emails, messages etc. while parked. You have to unplug the phone before it will even allow you access anything easily. I found it easier to use bluetooth for calls, music, etc. for this exact reason. Granted, I didn't give it much of a chance, but full on locking out the phone was just aggravating. Also, if you are using any other App to stream music via Bluetooth other than Play it instantly disconnects as soon as you plug it in to charge and won't reconnect if Android Auto is installed. Looking at installing a wireless charger for that exact reason.
  11. AudiBull

    Did it finally happen?

    He posted the video of what happened in December, then took it down after everyone told him he was an idiot and that it was his fault. Basically overcooked it into a turn while on a public canyon road, tried to blame a truck in the oncoming lane and ended up nose first in a barrier. The video is probably out there somewhere.
  12. AudiBull

    Rebuilding a Lambo Gallardo TT

    I've watched some and am curious where it will go. The original owner is a member here named Frank I think. I remember threads on the build. Another channel with a similar project, but much more engineering going on is Peter Bjork.
  13. AudiBull

    Non Kebab, let's talk about it.

    Yeah, I know about the size limitations and other quirks. It's strange, some pics will upload, others always return the same "You did not pick a file" error. They are all the same size, same file location, taken the same day. I even transferred them from my phone to PC and get the same result. Anyway, here is a great meal from a few months ago. Next in Chicago did a World's 50 Best Restaurants menu. 18 courses from some of the best restaurants around the world. All were executed well, served on the same service ware from the restaurants, and served by waiters and waitresses from the restaurants. At least six of the dishes were completely perfect. The langoustine from Tim Raue, Marine Soil from Central, the beef tongue and scallop from Quintonil, king crab in white miso from Noma, and the Eggs Benedict from Eleven Madison Park were the standouts. This was a French Laundry 1996 menu. Also at Next. Amazing rabbit saddle. Two very memorable meals. VCR, the Kaiseki meals looked amazing.
  14. AudiBull

    Non Kebab, let's talk about it.

    I've always wanted to try fugu. The pics look amazing VCR. I tried uploading pics, but some would work...some I get a "you did not pick a file" error even if the file was chosen. Just another thing to get frustrated with here. I'll give it another shot later.