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  1. FWI arnzenarms has a 15% sale on all suppressors, they look like they have a decent inventory.
  2. Congrats on the wins, and thanks for the heads up on the event. Appreciate the hospitality and the patience with my son. On a side note, Daniel now fully believes all Lamborghini's run on ice water.
  3. More bench shooting than anything, weight isn't that large of a factor. I am thinking 20 - 24" length depending on caliber. The whole idea of the ar10 build is basically a drunken bet to beat up on my bud's r700. Being in SW Ohio I'm fairly limited to less than 800 yds. I'm only considering the 6.5 as ammo is similarly priced, IDK if I honestly would extend past 1000 enough times to merit it's use past novelty.
  4. Decided to take the large frame AR plunge. Picked up a Mega Arms Maten receiver set. Anyone have any experience w/ JP low mass BCG? Charlie whats your take on usable barrel life of 6.5 vs. .308 ? Historically speaking I tend to be pretty hard on my rifles and the idea of switching out barrels every 2-4k seems crazy.
  5. Got my full size M&P back from my guy, had Apex Tactical trigger pack and mechanical reset installed with Trigicon HD's. Other than a coincidental mag failure that had me freaked, I'm super impressed with the changes. Also ended up shooting a Walther CCP which blew me away for compact, I'll be picking one up once Rediline gets one in.
  6. via viperalley: January 2016 Dealer Service Instructions for: Customer Satisfaction Notification R28/R29 Engine Oil Contamination and Consumption 2013-2014 (ZD) Dodge Viper The engine cylinder block on about 1,100 of the above vehicles may have been contaminated with abrasive debris. Under rare conditions during high-speed right-hand cornering when the engine is at light throttle and high RPM, engine oil can be forced into the Make Up Air hose, resulting in unintended oil consumption. Customer Satisfaction Notification R28/R29 Engine Oil Contamination and Consumption Page 2 To address the R28 portion of this CSN, the oil contamination issue, the engine oil, oil filter and air filter must be changed then the oil filter must be sent to FCA for analysis. If FCA’s analysis of the oil filter is positive for debris, the dealer will contact the customer to schedule replacement of the engine and related oil cooler components. If a new engine is not required, the dealer will contact the customer to inform them that they do not need to return to the dealership. To address R29 portion of this CSN, the oil consumption issue, an updated oil management system must be installed which includes a new valve cover assembly with a relocated make up air (MUA) fitting and new baffle.
  7. Pretty crazy. Twitter feed covering the fire.
  8. Thought he called it Ultimate Rally. Did he hack LP and send out invites? I remember him spreading the word on m5board by stealing the memberlist.
  9. Question to all with SBR's and cans. Did you wind up setting up a FTA trust? Getting seriously tempted to pick up SIG's new MCX. To Roman would it be advisable to pay to have a lawyer set up the trust or to set it up myself?
  10. I use adbfire to remote in via IP address to the firestick/tv's and drop the FTV file for download. I've also been loading the firestarter app as well to reprogram the home button function to load kodi. Takes me about 10-15 min to get a new firetv/stick loaded. Had awesome luck with "the beast" build for kodi up until a month ago or so.
  11. I honestly thought he already was dead. I could of sworn I heard something 5-6 years ago of a fatal od.
  12. I'll preface this by saying i'm terrible at anything paint and body. Another option if you haven't tried is to go to an auto paint distributor. Most at least around here sell over the counter as well as commercially. The good one's have a paint "camera" that will recreate any color as long as a sample is there (ie the car). That way it'll take into account any "wear" the paint has accumulated over time. I ran into a wall matching colors on a car that couldn't go six months without getting damaged, and this worked for me.
  13. phthom

    Hell on Wheels

    All in all love the show. Seems they went, or are going the way of Californication. Can't seem to match their early magic past season two.
  14. thanks emanon i'm a fcuking idiot when it comes to embeding clips
  15. Directed by Ridley Scott, based on Philip Dick's novel if the Germans would have won WW2. Can't recognize any of the talent but trailer looks promising. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-powerfu...h-castle-2015-7 ps. if anyone has the ability to embed the trailor its link is. <script height="489px" width="869px" src="http://player.ooyala.com/iframe.js#ec=dta241djpRYxOJPwswWRVKuVkW494WCf&pbid=6e12e8b3387a44daacfb73afba25a76e"></script>
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