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  1. Pretzel_Guy

    WTB Ford Raptor 2011-2014

    UPDATE: Truck was delivered early this morning! Supercharger should be here hopefully by the end of the week😬.
  2. Pretzel_Guy

    WTB Ford Raptor 2011-2014

    Thank you all for the help. I was able to find a 2012 White Crew w/ 40K and loaded with everything I wanted!!! Secured transport just a few mins ago so hopefully I will have it in a week or so! Another question to put out there...... Anyone have a Roush edition or added a supercharger to theirs? I’ve read mixed reviews about reliability and damage possible to the engine.... Didn’t know if damage was really common or if it’s people being idiots. Thanks again
  3. Pretzel_Guy

    WTB Ford Raptor 2011-2014

    I know there are several owners on this board so I thought I would put this out there. I have been on every site like ebay,, autotrader, carfax and craigslist (I visit them multiple times a day)..... If anyone has or knows of one for sale I would like some info please. Color preference would be White or Black. Thank you
  4. Pretzel_Guy

    04 Murci vs. 17 Hellcat

    I knew it didn't come from you... I remember you laughing about the comment made by the seller at the time.
  5. Pretzel_Guy

    04 Murci vs. 17 Hellcat

    Whaaaaat? I thought your Diablo had listed for sale by someone stating the nitrous system had never been used
  6. Pretzel_Guy

    Dodge Viper ACR

    Congrats on reaching your goal! That Black/Silver combo is so menacing on that car....I love it!
  7. Pretzel_Guy

    Dodge Viper ACR

    Congrats on reaching your goal! That Black/Silver combo is so menacing on that car....I love it!
  8. Pretzel_Guy

    good netflix shows?

    +1 on this. Stayed up wating the other night, couldn't turn it off.
  9. Pretzel_Guy

    Franchising advise in food industry

    Beach house is a much better plan! At least if it consumes you 24/7 like a franchise, it's time much better spent
  10. Pretzel_Guy

    McGregor vs. Mayweather

    ^^^THIS^^^ In the end, this is what it's all about.
  11. Pretzel_Guy

    Franchising advise in food industry

    Some VERY good advice given already. I owned multiple (5) food franchise locations for several years. I bought them one at a time and they were in bad shape losing thousands a month for multiple reasons. I spent a couple years going through them, implementing new procedures to "make them right" as I called it. They all became profitable and I started selling them off. I worked my ass off 7 days a week at each location in order to accomplish such thing as a 40 hour week.......... In the end did I have success, yes.... Do I consider myself lucky for having success....Yes! Did I learn a lot about business in general, what to do and what NOT to do....Yes! Was it worth it considering the ROI.......HELL NO! I'll never get back the time I spent...... My advice is this... If this is something you are deeply passionate about, like you get butterflies and shit every morning thinking about this being your career the rest of your life, then great! Go for it! but if you are going into a "franchise" thinking you are gonna have multiple locations, make all this money and stop by and check in on things in the next "few" years then stop now. Not trying to be a downer, just giving you my honest opinion based on my experience. Best of luck in whatever you decide!
  12. Pretzel_Guy

    Rhyno's new house

    Garage and cars look Amazing! Congrats!
  13. Pretzel_Guy

    FS: Murcielago Roadster 2006

    That color sells itself....... Beautiful car! GLWS
  14. Pretzel_Guy

    A huuuuuuuuge shoutout to Rolex USA NYC

    You can't buy that kinda advertising..... It's sad that customer service is almost nonexistent to the point that when you do get it, it stops you in your tracks. Glad to hear it worked out and you got it home safe!
  15. Pretzel_Guy

    Advice buying from private seller

    That is the route I've always taken when dealing with an individual from either side of the transaction. Maybe I'm lucky, but I have never had an issue.