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  1. Basstones

    Santa came early ! UPDATE ...FINALLY FINISHED

    The level of detail is amazing! Working lights and panels is particularly great How long has it taken to assemble it to it's current state?
  2. Basstones

    La Ferrari and GT3 rip through Beverly Hills

    Ridiculous driving. I will be very interested to see how this one plays out given it was all caught on camera. I have to say though, that's probably the first Ferrari I've liked in yellow
  3. Basstones

    Jarryd Hayne, NRL to NFL

    That would be really interesting if they did, I would definitely go. Still trying to wrap my head around all the rules though! Is he getting much coverage over there?
  4. Basstones

    Jarryd Hayne, NRL to NFL

    It's been all over the news here I've been following it, great to see an Aussie breaking in to the sport!
  5. Basstones

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    I don't know how these things stack up against each other - but in it's own merit, that was awesome. I had no idea what these jets could achieve these days. 1:00 min, 2:03, 2:41, 3:00 etc.... Very cool! Take that gravity
  6. Basstones

    Sit down arcade driving games

    Outrun 2 SP is a bit of fun, has multiplayer as well as different challenges. Not all models have the hydraulics like this one For a more retro vibe, Sega rally was always the game of choice in the 90's in our circle
  7. Basstones

    Which one?

  8. Basstones


    Tesla is killing it at the moment. I love how they seem to be questioning why everything is done the way it is and if there is a better way to be doing it. If Elon continues at this rate I can't help but wonder where we will be in 10 or 20 years...
  9. Basstones

    What has been your best roadtrip?

    In 2012 I bought a car down in Melbourne, and did about 2300km over 4 or 5 days to get it home. Flew my girlfriend at the time down for the trip, and apart from booking the first nights accommodation we had no route or itinerary planned. I really enjoyed the novelty of doing a one way trip, getting to enjoy a new car, and being able to explore anywhere along the way. Found some very cool B-roads and little towns we would have otherwise missed. Many great memories from that trip Hoping in the next few years to be able to get over to Europe a do a proper road trip there over, so many options!
  10. Basstones

    The Architecture thread

    I couldn't resist! This page has all the prices, floor plans, build times etc... I think they currently do up to three story houses but I know he's always thinking bigger.
  11. Basstones

    The Architecture thread

    A friend of my owns a company doing something very similar. I think it's a great idea! As a potential first home buyer in the next few years I love all these alternative options coming on to the market. Funky, cheap and quick! Makes some of the smaller parcels of land a lot more viable too.
  12. Basstones

    The only Veyron I don't like

    Wow... those seats on a Veyron. Speechless
  13. Basstones

    The Architecture thread

    Exactly! We used to have 100 acres in the hinterland, really miss the views. It was the perfect weekend getaway, house was designed and built by my uncle and father as well. Will try and dig up some photos tonight and put them up, might interest some. Great choice of photo though, I can see my current place on the very right of the shot
  14. Basstones

    The Architecture thread

    and to stay on topic, I would love a tucked away rainforest place like this... nothing too overboard, but involved within the surroundings
  15. Basstones

    The Architecture thread

    Oh man, just when I thought this thread couldn't get any lower. There has been some fantastic discussion of Architecture, but Wheels I can't help but wonder if you will read it again in the future and have an 'oh shit' moment. A lot of very knowledgeable and informed members have spent quite a bit of effort to contribute, and most of the points seem to have been miscontrued. "I said, he said" isn't going to help because you missed the point. Example of this would be Fortis' short quiz on determining which would be more expensive, the classical or modern design. While not all of the buildings shown in this thread will be everyone's cup of tea I think we have to respect them for what they are, and what they are doing - pushing the envelope. What's life without a bit of creativity and doing things just to see if they can be done?!