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  1. Guys the 540 is not a new model, it is a derivative of 570 for the Asian market mainly due to their local regulations on imports etc... It is not a new car. The US and Europe will not have this car.
  2. It was, they wheeled the plane out for us for 3 hours, then back into the hangar. They are refurbishing the American hangar and once the plane is in there, it will never move again as the new one is sealed within the building...
  3. Kinnella, It does need some tires bad. I think it's the only one in the UK, and it turns out the plane is sealed up, the cabin is off limits to this day. LT has some serious balls. Pulls very hard.
  4. Had a chance to go to Duxford with work (Mclaren) to do some photos with an SR71 which was being moved from one hanger to another. We had a 540c, 650s (x2), 675LT and the mighty bird.
  5. I have a book from my collection I am no longer in need of. Driving Ambition was written and highly collectable. The story of the Mclaren F1, the design and engineering process. The book has never been open and is still sealed in pristine condition. Open to shipping anywhere. Used beat up ones go for $150-200 this one I have listed for $300. & S/H Thnx everyone PM me for any info or questions. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Driving-Ambition-T...E:L:LCA:US:1123
  6. Is there still demand for P1 wheels? I might have a way to do it...
  7. Wow some nice ones posted already. I am between the Carrera and the Monaco... I might have a hook up with Tag Heuer, is anyone is also looking (up to 40% off retail). This is my first Tag, I know they get pretty good reviews, was looking for more of an investment (potential). That's why im curious which are most desirable/appreciate in value. -A
  8. Anyone into Tag watches? Best place to get a good price on one? Been looking, or if anyone else is looking let me know. -Cheers
  9. I'm a strong believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. You may not know why now, but when things click together in a little while it will all make sense. People come and go into our lives, some are worth while other are not; to me it sounds like life has just filtered the unnecessary ones from yours. Head and chin up, things can only get better from here.
  10. Finally a use for these scumbags... http://nationalreport.net/texas-scientists...dical-research/
  11. Just saw it as well in 3D. Loved the Movie. Great visuals; must see...
  12. What program are you using to render it? Keyshot, Alias, Bunkspeed? Seems like the focal length on the camera might be a bit telephoto from the renders. Can you bump it up a bit to get some more dramatic views? Thanks so much! I really want some low angle front and rear 3/4's is possible? -A
  13. I only do IPic too. Best theater I have ever been to. www.ipictheaters.com Movie was good, predictable but good. Can't expect much from a Zombie movie...
  14. http://en.mediamass.net/people/steven-seagal/deathhoax.html
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