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  1. Calling him an idiot would be a compliment .
  2. Looks really nice but also looks like every other Aston made in the past 15 years, can't tell what is what.
  3. I saw a very similar car at Lamborghini Toronto , incredibly rich color, congrats
  4. Thank you and the guys for the wishes , nobody can do anything, such is life , very cruel at times . Took me a while to get my head around it , i can start busting chops again lol .
  5. I wasn’t in the mood to post anything for a while , my brother passed away a few months ago , has been a very difficult time for the family . Roman back ? Really ?
  6. The market has softened quite a bit for these cars , an SV just sold for 1.3mlbat Scottsdale auction last week , it will be interesting to see if this reach 700k , considering it did not even leave the factory as an S
  7. I agree with you , personally , I don’t like any of the stupid stickers they put on the cars . Let the car speak for itself
  8. Don’t buy one till you can afford to piss away the money and not worry about depreciation, almost all cars are a depreciating asset , buying one on a shoestring will ruin the experience and stress you out
  9. For a 60k car base , they knocked it out of the ballpark . The ZR1 will be interesting for sure
  10. Dubai is an ego problem in the desert , everything is plastic and fake , one if the worst places I have been and would never go back if i didn’t have to
  11. If he had good taste he wouldn't have married that douche bag

    Need A Favor Quick!

    I see you got a lot of action lol
  13. Very tempting I have to say . I was thinking Urus , did not test drive the Cullinan yet , we shall see.
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