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  1. Dubai is an ego problem in the desert , everything is plastic and fake , one if the worst places I have been and would never go back if i didn’t have to
  2. If he had good taste he wouldn't have married that douche bag

    Need A Favor Quick!

    I see you got a lot of action lol
  4. Very tempting I have to say . I was thinking Urus , did not test drive the Cullinan yet , we shall see.
  5. I saw one today at the dealer , i have to eat my words, it is magnificent , pictures don't do it justice .
  6. These bullshit VIP programs are ruining the exotic buying experience for many people . The next recession will determine how wrong some of the manufacturers have been selecting their captive client and buyer . Time will tell
  7. Corrupt socialistic government ruined what could have been the richest country in South America with the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world . Chavez should have been executed , he got off easy with cancer and Maduro is the dumbest biggest crook than has held office in Venezuela


    I watched 10 sec of the video and tuned off , why would anyone cares what he has to say or thinks , he sounds like a complete idiot
  9. This place is toxic because you choose to make it toxic . I have no reason to disbelieve what you posted above, i am very sorry about your health issues but the same time, if you are the kind person that you say you are, it does not reflect in your posts. If anything, your experiences of life should make you appreciate life and alter your approach towards others . So you say your post is a joke , did you read it over ? Did you read the reaction of the other members ? They are all wrong ? Nobody thought it was funny. Our members are passionate about the brand and of all cars in general , it seems that you are too and based on what you tell us , you have a nice collection of cars . Why can you not share your experiences without getting into dick swinging and one upmanship , does it make you fell superior ,nobody cares ? A car is a car , it is nice to be able to afford a rare or expensive car but it does not make the person.
  10. Seriously Do you think coming back to the board and insulting everyone, attacking the mods and other long term members is going to make you loved and accepted , just because you own nice cars and bought a special edition Lambo ? So let me get this right , we should all bow to you because you are THAT SPECIAL individual who has it all and knows is all , everyone else is just a plebian . You are the perfect example of what is wrong with our world , arrogant , self centred and egocentric megalomaniac. Congrats to you for having done well , at the same time , keep your condescending comments to yourself , none of us are impressed , your attitude sucks beyond belief . I am not a fan of banning anyone , especially a Lambo owner , at the same time , people like you give the brand a very bad name , any brand . You have a choice , you change your tone , you refrain from posting insults or you will be gone again. I suspect you ego will not allow you to stay quiet and you will go for the confrontation, be my guest .


    Way too busy for my liking , body kit and scoops galore . What is this thing going for ?
  12. Not crazy about the ride height but the body kit looks good . Of course GTO looks better, it is also in a complete different price league .
  13. Doesn't seem to be a ahortage of buyers , as long as that is the case , it will go on .
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