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  1. Been a while since this thread was active. Anyone still buying cryptos or just holding quietly at this point? l'm curious about ETH at these levels. I have a friend who has been averaging down for months now and who continues to rave about how much of an opportunity it is at these levels (sub $300, currently $275). That being said...he also said the same when it first fell under $500, so he may be more optimistic than most. I know he is holding 6-figures worth at this point though, so his confidence intrigues me. He also has a few BTC and LTC, but ETH is the one he is banking on. Any opinions/thoughts appreciated!
  2. LOL you got me! I texted him to see if he was okay. Just had to relook at the pic. LOL.
  3. I still have heartache over the black 98' SV that sold here by member DangeRUSS (RIP to him) for $108k maybe 5-6 years ago. I'm guessing this is the same car as I believe that's the one Roy bought. At the time it had black matte vinyl on the front bonnet and possibly rear decklid (can't recall). Even given the market back then (which was much lower) that car was priced low. I was scheming left and right over how I could pull the money together for it, but with my wedding on the horizon I once again convinced myself it just wasn't the right time.
  4. For an 08' (original owner) Monterey Blue LP640 with 18k miles?
  5. I have tried getting a hold of him as well, no response. I hope he is doing okay, been worried about him for a while now. RD if you see this, know that we are thinking about ya!
  6. Congratulations to both of you guys, awesome that one stayed in the family and even cooler that you gained a trusted friend out of the deal! What an amazing car. Cheers!
  7. Take your family on the High Roller Ride outside the LINQ hotel/casino. It is a giant 550 foot tall ferris wheel over the entire strip. Tickets are around $35 per person if I remember correctly (a little more if you want a car with alcohol served). Very cool experience. Ride it at night as it is so tall you can see the lights all the way to the edge of the town.
  8. Like CT's and Jalpa's, me thinks there will be a lot of guys in the coming years upset that they didn't pick up those vintage Bulls when they were well under $100k... (and in the case of Jalpa's and Espada's, well under $50k). At one point they were probably the cheapest V12 Lambos out there. Ignored for so long but well on the upswing now.
  9. PM member TeamSalamone (Bryan). I'm sure if he sees this thread he will respond. I don't think anyone has put more miles on an Aventador then them! They do every rally out there and have been through several cars already. You may have seen their cars before as they are FB/insta-famous and very well known on social media for their adventures.
  10. Oh I have no doubt its a blast. I drove a V8 with the paddle shifters a few years back and loved it, those upshifts were amazing. I'm sure the sound and power of that V10 enhances that x10. One hell of an upgrade my friend! Nicely done, enjoy it.
  11. Yellomurci, Really sorry to hear about the rough hand you've been dealt recently. I am glad that (from the financial aspect) it sounds like you are in a situation to be able to handle it better than most, but that sucks. You seem like a smart guy though so I am sure you will figure out the best path. All the best.
  12. Agree with the others, no go on the bronze wheels IMO. Black looks like it will work well. Car looks great. Is it manual or automatic?
  13. Awesome car! Congrats! New ones like that beauty would be a stretch for me right now, but I have been casually eyeing the older R8 V10 market for a while. It seems like they are incredible cars. Years ago I drove the V8 version and loved it, but have always wanted to try a 6-speed V10. If you are potentially bottom-feeding the entry level exotic market with cars like 2004-2006 Gallardo's, the fact that you can get a very clean 2009-2012 R8 V10 (which seems like it is basically a de-tuned/re-skinned LP560 with better tech, better interior, etc) for almost the same money is tempting! When the time comes, it will be a tough decision.
  14. Gixxers are incredible bikes in the twisties/corners/tracks, you might be thinking of the GSX1300R (Hayabusa's), which are acclaimed 1/4 mile kings. Absolute rockets in a straight line, but yeah, that's about all they are good for. I lost one friend to a motorcycle crash in 2007 (he crossed over a yellow line in a curve and hit a truck head one), and one of my very closest friends to a motorcycle crash in 2012 (she was on the back of a Harley and the guy she was seeing hit a curb and launched her. She died a few days later after a brutal couple of days for her family. It was only their 2nd or 3rd date... ). I have ridden on and off since I was a teenager and have had a dozen different bikes. I sold my last one before I got married years ago and while they never fail to catch my eye and cause passing interest, I am hesitant to ever "own" another one for the reasons already stated. I commute almost 2 hours a day now and have been hit at least a half dozen times over the years in minor mishaps in traffic, exit ramps, etc. To this day I am blessed as I have never been hurt (knock on wood!). Had I been on my bike any of those incidences, the outcome could have been much, much different...
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