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  1. Dropped off a few years ago.... lot's happened... Insta - TTzLambo.... Twin Turbo Performante
  2. Anything for the Performante ?
  3. typical responses... from Lamborghini My issue I have Viola SE30 - found a few paint problems and Dealer agreed not acceptable Dealer said they would repaint the panels where its not right and blend it in. I said no to that because it would be fucked, and how do you blend in this colour? This color cost an extra $26k aud - One would expect a little care to be taken and how does this pass inspection at factory Front nose : 1) mounting bracket pushing out against and visible raised area - Dealer took inner guard off sent me photo's tried to re do it... but can still see it (they tried to brush this off but when another one came in for delivery and had the same exact same problem they couldnt.... 2) where nose connects to guard both side have what looks like wire depression make. its in-between panel join but you can see it 3) right side rear just before wheel arch - top of panel next to crease - looks slight depression and has caused a bruising effect in the paint 4) lots of other minor things like waviness, pearl looks like shot from different angles etc. Lambo Rep comes out and brings PPG rep - im not allowed to be there and had to drop it off Lamborghini's response - Nothing wrong with it... PPG - paint is good Nothing on bracket pushing on nose. Dealer Rep - I ask what did you say to them? why did you just let them say its fine (when you agreed it wasn't) All in all - they can say its within tolerances and unless we can prove it... we got nothing.. Really the only way they feel it is in sales.... I'm not going to buy another Lamborghini.... Im getting it wrapped but before i do this ive now got to spend $5k taking it to an expert to get a full examination done. then work out from there... I felt like setting fire to it............. Thats how pissed I am with fcuking Car Manufacturers and their bullshit In Aust with all our extra taxes this car cost $614k Its my forth and last Lamborghini.... and last time i ever ordered the custom color etc.
  4. typical responses... from Lamborghini My issue I have Viola SE30 - found a few paint problems and Dealer agreed not acceptable Front nose : 1)
  5. Damm... Was there on the 10th and 11th on the return trip home. did 25th to 30th in LA, 30th to 3rd in Miami, 3rd to 10th in Dominican Republic (Hard Rock)
  6. TTz

    Coming soon

    Hoping its in the air today... So end of next week got to get the 3m and paint correction done before i pick it up... So if your in Sydney next week...
  7. TTz

    Coming soon

    Waiting for this one..... Its so frustrating...
  8. Stunning 3 weeks to go for my Viola SE30
  9. Awesome, thank you Sept Build
  10. Can you do one in Viola SE30 with the Bronze wheels please thanks, ttz
  11. ordered it in Viola SE30th............. Should look wild.
  12. UGR - time you guys got an agent or something in Oz. I'd love to TT the Huracan. Or time for a holiday.....? Its nice a warm here
  13. Whats the best option for replacing the Cats ? Hi flow stainless steel ? Also are the standard Cats part of the headers ?, can you change the cats without removing the headers ? Many thanks, Tony
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