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  1. you are extremely calm during that episode. Think I wouldn't have handled it anyway near as calmly.
  2. you're chasing a fairly rare hand built car - 346 made In total. See here.. https://www.lp112.com/Lamborghini/Results.asp?Model=Diablo&Version=SV It isn't as well put together as contemporary prancing horse cars, more hand built with not much thought on maintenance. ABS is pretty straight forward to troubleshoot, had 2 faulty Hall effect sensors on my MY99 - took me about 3 hours to solve and replace one. Other was just connector issue. Airbag is more difficult - easy to cause - steering column likely has been moved with ignition on. You need a Tech with access to the LARA/LDAS software unfortunately to clear it. check for rust on the frame underneath, particularly around suspension if used in wet climates. apart from that drive it - check engine lights in a MY99 are often due to MAP sensor failure - cheap to fix, but hard to get it to do it. Windows generally slow to go up and may stall - lightly sand runners and they may get better. Or replace runners if no improvement. Only probably with driving it, is you will be hooked - they are an incredible car to drive. No longer the fastest but really enjoyable even at slow speeds.
  3. https://www.autoepoca.it/portfolio/2027648-fuel-pressure-regulator-diablo/
  4. rear grills underneath come off with 2 cross head screws, this may help you gain access. removing the light covers, which allow you to see the 2 bolts that hold the bezels in place. 6.0 rear light covers are smaller than the 99 and previous models, including the GT/GTR too.
  5. Fans are at the rear of the car, each side behind the bumper - surprised you couldn't find them with the noise they make. I actually have the opposite behaviour - when I turn off the engine, the fans stop immediately even when its hot, and will not restart until the engine is started
  6. Davo456

    A/C queries

    the picture is for LHD. RHD is similar and seems to be reversed. I believe 27 and 31 are both there. I've only seen 31 when I look under the dash and it goes up into the dash, so it can't be a drain. I'm presuming 27 is a drain, that I haven't seen yet.
  7. Davo456

    A/C queries

    What's pipe 31 for ? and where does it go ? seems to head up into the dash in my car. about 20mm OD, looks about 17mm? ID. I had a small leak on it, but tightened up the end and hopefully thats stopped it. I assume pipe 27 is the condensate drain, and should head out through the floor somewhere ? and its a smaller diameter pipe ? Topping up to 30-50mm from the top of the overflow reservoir, seems to take a lot of water just to get up that 20mm - almost a litre - is that normal ?
  8. Has anyone changed the window felt runners ? my windows are very slow, and I've sanded the runners as suggested by Roy, and they have shown a little improvement, but not a lot. I'm presuming I need part number 1, 4 and 9 ?
  9. Davo456

    99 SV Rebuild

    June 2017 - SV Stickers fitted Thanks to Leo who sourced me some SV stickers, I fitted them in June 2017 with help from my friend Sam..
  10. you could try.. http://www.stabilus.com/service-spare-part...or-spare-parts/
  11. Stabilus Strut Part numbers (door, engine cover etc)
  12. around XLA12200 was also where they dropped the lamborghini badge from the top of the rear panel lid and placed it on the rear grille too. Would be worth a detail look at the parts manual to determine what is different for engine number 2220 onwards - I'll dig it out and take a look
  13. Davo456

    99 SV Rebuild

    I had the original metal one to measure/copy, so made the supporting brackets in ABS using a 3D printer. The bracket probably should be made denser (I used something like 30% infill), so the cigarette ash tray one broke, but as I didn't really need it, I've just left it off. I used UHU general purpose glue to stick the ABS to carbon, as I was more worried about melting the ABS, but a better glue may be available.
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