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  1. islandguy

    Some pics....

    Sweet. By far the best Countach color!
  2. islandguy

    John Denver

    Nice. Country road, take me home, in a CT...
  3. islandguy

    Countach full timelapse

    The beginning drew me in but they lost my interest with much time on the frame. I never finished it. At what point does a restoration become a recreation?
  4. Much too young. Very sad. RIP...
  5. islandguy

    Gallardo bought without PPI - look what happened

    Thing is the "quote/invoice" states Labor R&R for inspection 2 hrs, no mention of repair. Unless I'm mistaken R&R is remove & replace. It's possible the cost to repair was $$$$ and declined. Regardless, implying it was done is BS.
  6. islandguy

    Gallardo bought without PPI - look what happened

    ^^ my thoughts exactly. Showing the canceled checks or invoices marked paid would clear up a lot of questions.
  7. islandguy

    Group pix with the toys !

    Sweet. Think of all the flags you could make with those color combinations!
  8. islandguy

    Miami COuntach

    Been sitting for a while maybe. Is that garage floor paint on the rear tire?
  9. islandguy

    Poll: which would you choose?

    Wow, that blue is gorgeous!
  10. islandguy

    First ride in a Countach tonight. What a blast!

    That's where I'm fortunate to be within an hour of Steve @ Driven Exotics, who's worked on my car since the late '80's. As with Allan, I haven't had any major $$$ "issues" so I can't relate to all the problems you hear about. Biggest issues I've had include a fuel leak (boy did Steve scold me for that - as I dove it to him), burring up alternator rectifiers (2 so far), a bad starter motor wire, and a bad fuel pump fuse. Every two years though around CA smog time we're making up for previous bigger $ deferred maintenance items - things I specifically want done such as a full shock rebuild and suspension bushings (wow what a difference). No fuel smell for me, it's FI...!, starts up EVERY time even after sitting for 3 months. And funny how the smell of the old leather reminds me of my Dad's '57 SL daily driver for 20 years. Love the patina.
  11. islandguy

    First ride in a Countach tonight. What a blast!

    An age old discussion that has no answer and could be argued from either perspective and won. That's why they make 6 car garages I've actually been thinking about dumping the CTS-V for the Tahoe for the exact same reasons, worthless as a DD in traffic. Depends on your objective. Even a super model with crotch rot is nice to look at.
  12. islandguy

    Countach auction

    You mean someone actually clicked on the link? Ha Ha. Saw that last night, posted by someone w/1 post who minutes prior joined. Carefull where you stick your...
  13. islandguy

    First ride in a Countach tonight. What a blast!

    Those that complain about the drivability of a Countach simply don't get it. It's not about drivability it's about the experience.
  14. islandguy

    Countach values going down even further?

    High bid numbers aren't necessarily an indication of value but if they were this one is a great deal. I've never bought into the BS value talk that has so prominently taken over the forums. All the high value talk has done in my option is given some the audacity to shit on anything that isn't perfect which is why many have dropped off the discussions. Maybe if we get back to $150K values we can all enjoy the patina, talk about the wrenching, and just drive.
  15. islandguy

    Diablo GT #34/80 in orange for sale in Texas

    I just read this whole thread. A great example of why Roy is the MAN.