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  1. Gilligan740

    Quail 2020

    I have my ticket reserved but wondering if the virus will be gone in time! Fingers crossed!
  2. @Destructo was mean enough to tempt me with these for my R8, I’ll think on it.
  3. I've had my 2011 R8 V10 Spyder for about 15 months and 6,500 miles now, so I decided to tally up my cost of ownership so far. This doesn't factor in fuel costs, but I included pretty much everything else. How Much Does It Really Cost to Own an R8? What have your experiences been?
  4. Yeah I was considering wrapping/change the pillars to match some of these options, it wasn't just a wheel swap and calling it done! I think I'm going gunmetal!
  5. Thanks, the car is R-Tronic. I looked for 6spd too, none in this color/options/Spyder/V10 for sale in the US at the time. It's not that bad honestly but I do look forward to the dual clutch on the next car.
  6. Thanks all for the kinds words. I'm considering wheel options. For now, I'm going to refinish the OEM wheels, they're currently too chrome looking for my taste. I'm debating between black or gunmetal/dark grey/body color. Here's a Photoshop of how they'd look black. I also did a gold/bronze concept just to see it. I don't think it works on the Spyder as well as the coupes.
  7. Thank you. It’s something I will always remember!
  8. Thanks man, are you still in Michigan? Hope all is well!
  9. Yesterday was a big day, I bought my first exotic! My 2011 Audi R8 V10 Spyder is in Daytona Grey Pearl with black leather. I found the car in PA and a friend from our Cars and Coffee group drove me to get it yesterday morning. I had the local Audi dealer do a PPI and the car inspected very well. It needs a little cosmetic attention so it's at Esoteric Fine Auto Finishing in New Albany for some paint correction and basic clean up. Overall, the car is fantastic and I had a nice 3+ hour drive home yesterday. Thanks to LP member Ryan335 for meeting us at the dealership to be part of it!
  10. Merry Christmas everybody. Here's to a happy, healthy, successful year ahead also.
  11. The Chiron is one of my all-time favorite cars and your spec is unreal! Congrats and enjoy in good health!
  12. Gilligan740


    They finally have their own configurator...about time!
  13. Shooter was DENIED a carry license and was shot by someone who DID have one. FWIW. (Long guns are, for better or worse, not regulated by the same rules as handguns).
  14. What a sad thing. Shooter was engaged by armed citizen and chased away from scene. A hero for his quick actions. Now let’s see if the shooter committed suicide or was hit by hero.
  15. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead! I've got lots of good stuff coming up in 2017, personally and professionally, including a new car, and I'm excited! Let's do this!
  16. Merry Christmas all, hope you enjoyed a day filled with family, friends, and good times!
  17. Apmex is well regarded in the precious metals industry, I've bought from them a couple of times with no issues. http://www.apmex.com/category/10000/gold
  18. Gilligan740

    Grand Tour

    Questioning the wisdom of launching a new fad, er, social media network amidst the launch of a show with highly mixed reviews. This doesn't feel authentic.
  19. We have a huge Somali population here. This is what we were hoping it wasn't.
  20. Sounds like possibly no GSWs. Car ran curb intentionally and driver began cutting/stabbing people nearby. Butcher knife used.
  21. Fire alarm confirmed coincidental, not part of attack. Victims include some hit by car, stabbed, possibly some shot.
  22. Gilligan740

    Grand Tour

    Overall, I loved it. They're definitely finding their rhythm again but I'm sure they'll settle in. Some of the humor/bits were kind of awkward and overacted but the car segments were exactly what I loved about the former show. Their new track looks like a blast!
  23. Make sure you register for the Quail ticket lottery. It's an expensive event, but one of the best of Car Week in terms of the quality of cars on display, food served, atmosphere, etc. I really loved it.
  24. The Superleggera will always be one of my favorites. Congrats!
  25. The car looks great, congrats O! I enjoyed seeing you and your i8 at our last Cars and Coffee of the year. Your entrance with Gia Lai Team was definitely a highlight of the day. We are looking forward to seeing Kryptonite in Columbus next year!
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