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  1. STEEVE1234

    RIP Zmydust (Jonathan)

  2. STEEVE1234

    Mini ME

  3. STEEVE1234

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    How many miles on the SV so far?
  4. STEEVE1234

    John Cena Is A G

    Definitely 75 pages is an overkill
  5. STEEVE1234

    My new Performante

    Looks great!
  6. STEEVE1234

    RIP Zmydust (Jonathan)

  7. STEEVE1234

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Lambo will make sure that the flagship to be faster than HP.
  8. STEEVE1234

    New 1/4 mile record

    That's fast!
  9. STEEVE1234

    Performante vs MP4-12C Video...

    Nice race!
  10. STEEVE1234

    My AC done today, need help?

    Why don't you call a Lambo dealer?
  11. STEEVE1234

    Parting Out my Pre LP 2008 Gallardo Superleggera

    Do you have the cat deletes?
  12. STEEVE1234

    Lp 560 year 2008

    It might be a European.
  13. STEEVE1234

    LP570 Tyres

    I've heard good things about PS4. If you get them, let us know what you think of them.
  14. STEEVE1234

    E-gear initialization after clutch replacement

    You should ask a mechanic who is familiar with LARA. Nobody here would know.
  15. STEEVE1234

    O2 Fault Codes

    It looks like that it's not the O2 sensors. You should have a mechanic check it out.