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  1. Wow, some of these wall collections area incredible! Thank you for sharing!
  2. right on! We will have to meet up for a drive...then a cigar at Allan's haahaa! Thank you for voting!
  3. Congratulations! Stunning car!
  4. Willis - look forward to it Brotha! DoctaM3 - I will make sure you are taken care of being in "the family." Thank you to each of you that have taken the time to vote. It means alot to me
  5. Very good to know. I just tried by mobile and very hard to navigate. I do not think they made it mobile friendly. Please vote from your computer. Thank you!
  6. Hey LP Family! It would mean the world to me if you could take a few minutes and vote for my company in Ranking Arizona. We are honored to get #1 last year and we would love to hold this standing. With your help we can make this happen! My company: www.paradisegreens.com Please follow these steps to vote: Go to -> https://azbigmedia.com/vote-ranking-arizona/ Scroll down to the brick colored boxes and click on "Real Estate - Residential" Then under that topic scroll down click on "Synthetic Lawns/Putting Greens" Then scroll down and click on "Paradise Greens" Thank you in advance for anyone that votes!
  7. Very impressive! Only car that has beat my 570S is the 720!
  8. If you want it to sell and not be on the market for months then retail list it for $178k or OBO. The car with that miles is not going to get over $180k unfortunately. You can ask whatever you want...ask for $200k...but I assure you it will not sell for close to that. You have to look at what the cars SELL FOR not what people are asking for them on eBay, etc. Best bet is to call Cats Exotics and talk to Roy. Roy will tell you what to do and he has the pulse on the market better than any of us will. I talked to Roy when I had mine up for sale here on LP and he was straight with me. Roy will also help you sell your car if you wish. GLWS...it is a stunning car!
  9. Great looking car and build! Congratulations!!!
  10. From my experience selling my 2007 LP640 with I think just under 10k miles if I remember correctly and needing a clutch (PPI showed 20% left) you are not going to get $200k unless it is under 4k miles with perfect history. Mine had a clean history and was in excellent shape. I had no issues with it. Car had only 400 miles on a new set of Corsa's all around and Brian (supercars in AZ did a full service to it 400 miles before I put it up for sale). I had mine for sale for LP members at $165k and some messages on it but no sale. I was told retail with no clutch at that number and with new clutch $175k asking. Wholesale/trade in for dealers that called me as is needing a clutch (though car drove perfectly as is) was from $150-155k. I ended up trading it in for a new McLaren for $159k. Point is asking and car actually selling are two totally different things.
  11. Ask for Jared at Scottsdale McLaren and see if he has an open slot. Tell him you are friends of mine from this forum. I am on the list there for the LT.
  12. Was it your 570 that had problems? I have owned mine since new (Sept/Oct purchase on 2017 570S coupe) and have 2,400 miles on it now. It has never had an issue and never been in the shop and has an ECU tune and exhaust running 570 whp. I have six other close friends that own 570's and zero issues as well. We did a 2 day track day thru McLaren Scottsdale at Inde Motorsports Ranch and most of us even drove to/from track and beat on our cars for two days and not one McLaren there had an issue (about 10 cars). I think I am number six or seven at McLaren Scottsdale for the new 600LT. I have owned five Lamborghinis and I can honestly say I would take my car over any Lambo right now on the market. I have driven the Huracan and Aventador and off the line it just does not compare. The gearing/shifting is so much faster and smoother in my car. The handling is incredible - it truly feels like a shifter kart if going from any Lambo to the 570s. It took me months to decide and was not easy for me to leave Lambo but I honestly love the McLaren brand now. It is unfortunate you had issues with yours and maybe it was an early 2016 but I do not know anyone that has had any issues with theirs personally here in AZ that I have became friends with from the dealer and doing drives together, etc. I have had two friends in the last three months buy news ones alone after driving my car and one is doing the same tune as my car to get the sound he wanted since stock they do not sound as good as a Huracan stock. With the exhaust they sound amazing with the turbo even at idle. The Huracan, Aventador and McLaren brand are completely different cars in my eyes once you drive them. The 720 is just in a completely different league - that car makes your internals move it is that quick...I have never had a car do that to me...
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