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  1. so my latest app is live. I am preparing and update for next week to include Donald Trump but its based on the Flappy Bird theme. Check it out! https://goo.gl/tBLe7p
  2. Beautiful! I love the combo and its nice to see non black wheels. That interior is insane
  3. gorgeous car. I really like the blue. Here is a 90 second photoshop with the trash cans removed.
  4. Thanks pal! yea the game is super simple. tap as fast as you can while avoiding the branches. It's simple and addictive. I have a user who hit almost 300 points. I hit 99 and thought it was high lol The next game is already in the queue. Casino games are coming next. First up will be Roulette. Congrats on the Huracan, it is a gorgeous machine. Enjoy it in good health and continued success with whatever you do matt
  5. My latest game just went live today. Its based on the popular Timberman engine. Simple addictive fun for all ages. Check it out! http://goo.gl/1lK5Oe
  6. I have thought about this a lot over the past 2-3 years. The challenge was actually sitting down in your own head and accepting the mistakes made and then identifying how not to make them again. I don't claim to have it perfect this time but I think I'm on a better trajectory this go around
  7. Indeed true. I have learned so much I feel confident moving forward on the next release already. Trial by fire is a mofo but pain is a great teacher. I do have to correct myself all the time though. I want to say to myself win or lose its a great experience. Fuk that! Need to maintain a positive attitude and focus on the next steps ensuring positive results. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I have been a nervous wreck all day LOL
  8. Dude, nice Lambo! How did you get to buying one? The magic question from those that seek to those that have achieved. What was the path? No clue, we are all on different paths and I am walking mine again. My story had to get a hard reset over the past few years. Built a business and then watched it crash and burn. Something turned into nothing but I am back. Better prepared and having learned a few hard lessons I am in a better head space to tackle the challenge. Its an uphill battle I but I got plans! I am pleased to announce my first mobile app/game that just got approved today on the App Store. Its a simple match 3 Candy Crush type game but in the process I learned about this niche and business. There is LOTS to do and know before an app comes to life. 4 months in the making I am out the gate. Wish me luck.. matt
  9. I lead a group of 7 techs and have to hire and fire on a regular basis. The trick I have learned over the years is the little things count and add up. It all depends of course on the job type, niche, hours, skill set etc etc etc. The long of the short is taking care of the team like buying food/lunch and other various morale building tricks do actually work. It shows you give a shit and continuing to them do works wonders. When you do these things, don't do it at regular intervals this gives the impression that you are watching closely and helps keep them motivated for their reward. When hiring ask things like: what do you not like about your current/last job what do you not like about your current/last job what do you look for in a boss? how flexible is your schedule? what personalities do you work well with? work not well with? this line of questioning seems odd for some but believe it not most people will answer honestly and it will help give you insight as to what you are going to get. I have saved myself a lot of headache with idiots on my teams using these and a few other questions I use on my interviews to keep the fluff out. good luck
  10. sure the price is unrealistic but I cant lie, that thing is clean and BADASS!!
  11. congrats and enjoy it in good health pal
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