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  1. Frank I had north hollywood speedometer rebuild all of my gauges. New bulbs included. check out www.nhspeedometer.com/
  2. Netman

    Diablo clutch pedal

    MY 99 SV had rubber on both the brake and clutch pedals.
  3. I am looking at an 08 roadster with VIN ZHWBU47S68LA03050. Does anyone have any knowledge of the vehicle they can share?
  4. thanks. I will keep this in mind for my future purchase
  5. Roy; Great video and indeed KUDOS to all of the VETS who have put themselves in harms way to keep all of us safe.
  6. Does anyone have a suggestion as to a strut for the passenger doors that would have the same effect as putting Murci struts in a Diablo., By this I mean the way a Murci strut will lift a Diablo door on its own once the door lock is released.
  7. Agree insane. Maybe trying to apiece his wife who is demanding a sale. Anyone can ask any price they like. Getting the price asked is the key.
  8. I found a Bosch part that fits the bill.
  9. Randy Tippets of RMT motor sports in Yorba linda 714 577 0156
  10. Just put a set of Champion "A59GC" into my 99 SV
  11. Does anyone have a cross reference for the MY 1999 Diablo fuel pressure regulators? Also any knowledge as to what is the optimal fuel pressure
  12. please do detail where to obtain spare remote fobs
  13. thanks for the input. So I am going to assume raised means the black is sprayed on after the based color
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