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  1. Seems to me a few take things too personal and get abusive or resort to bas language. ...by few i mean certain moderators too...Folks we are here cause we have a common interest. Mine and others posts are just opinions...few here get carried away and get abusive for no reason. ..this is not a forum to please the 50 to 100 members who regularly post here...I and many sponsors/advertisers want to see a forum where hundreds if not thousands regularly visit and post....so chill and know its all opinions and good intentions....peace and prosperity and good health to all.
  2. Totally agree...this would embarrass me and ruin years of standard and badassness lambos are known for.
  3. well let's see..the bad language is sure a sign of who and what you are. ..get over it and don't take it so personal. Come down.to Houston, Texas and let me treat you to a few drinks and steak on me...I enjoy this forum and appreciate everyone's contributions and have no hate or opinions against anyone.
  4. Think youare taking it personal on his behalf...just voicing my opinion...many agree with my statements. ..if examined objectivelyneither statement is deragotory nor offensive...and since i don't know him I can speak freely and reflect what many would agree with...if he was a close personal friend i probably would not say those things....anyway live long and prosper and peace to all.
  5. Agreed. ..Veneno seems to be an sv with body kit...owners of the V seemingly keeping hush on the V stats cause they know its not much to brag about as they paid 4 million plus for an body kit AV...lol
  6. Thanks guys for all the compliments...love the 2008 manual and can't seem to drive it enough. In all honesty i am not sure I really want to sell yet. Its an extremely low maintenance car...far more reliable then someof my German daily drivers. I think after the LP manual cars the 2008 is probably the next best thing. Odyssey
  7. I have an 08 Gallardo 6 speed Manual ....Giallo Midas 11k miles ...I am second owner but 10k of those miles were driven by me....never tracked and maintained by Lamborghini Houston. Navigation Camera Bluetooth Homelink front lift 2008 are the best of the preLP cars. $130k firm.
  8. I have always felt these super cars are best driven on low traffic days during the day time...want to drive it in normal traffic like a normal car then be ready for what comes...accidents happen...poor judgment by Pagani owner.
  9. Interesting you mention that....I was thinking the same thing. Its the only outlier here....everything else is same in these cars. For a small company like Lamborghini it costs too much to develop a new engine so they keep using the old V12 but clearly its now starting to show its limitations.
  10. nice but....tired of all these wiz bang advances in medicine... 1. None of these advances seems to lower costs..infact costs keep rising. 2. Millions in America still can't get basic care and the elderly biggest worry for retirement is health care. I love science and my career has been built on science and technology advances but somewhere along the way we got lost and forgot the objective. We now have a system where a weekend stay in the hospital is equivalent to a person's annual salary....Too much pursuit of technology with little regard for the human condition! I have my flame suit on...
  11. Thanks for the stats... Why is the Aventador so heavy...my daily driver Nissan Maxima was lighter than 3900...very pathetic for a super car.
  12. Odyssey

    Go buy a gun

    In the end all decisions are made by people outside the government. ..such as think tanks, lobbyists, powerful industry groups and basically the super wealthy and influential. The president is just a figure head creating the illusion of democracy...look up "deep state"
  13. I wanna be just like you when I grow up!
  14. If i am seeing the seats correctly then definitely not possible for the car to ONLY HAVE 2000 miles on it. ...rolled back and really difficult to keep a car like that under 2000 miles...fraud alert for sure!!!! Somebody on this forum made the statement that half these cars may be rolled back...beginning to belive it. ...especially when i see 7 to 10 year old cars with less than 5000 miles....
  15. I would agree with the 110 to 120k range but more realistically 110k due to mileage and clutch at 55%. I am also curious I have the same car 08 Giallo Midas in 6 speed manual...any ideas what its worth...has 10k miles. Thanks in advance.
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