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  1. Sydney, 2008 I hooked up with a chick from Peru that now lived in Hawaii on her last night in the city. I asked another tourist to take a snap of the both of us and he turned out to be the girls brother in law's brother, out there with his concubine hahaha! Barcelona last month, we found out a client of my Dad's that we met, used to travel to a local town in England and deal with my uncle (Dad's older brother) some 40 years ago. A few weeks ago I spotted a couple of people hanging around our gates at around midnight. Went to investigate as you do and they were from the local council's environmental agency investigating the light pollution from my asshole neighbours spotlights. After a minute or so of questions one of them and myself pointed at the other and said each others names exactly like Allan. We went to school together 12 years ago! My fiance's cousin just got married and moved to Australia, same city and within 10 mins of me. The cousins new father-in-law used to be in school with my mum in Zimbabwe 50 years ago! With today's ease of travel, you can jump on a plane within 30 mins and the fact that people are only a phone call, skype, email, txt or whatsapp away, the world really is a small place.
  2. I was landing in Barcelona a couple of weeks back with winds at 60mph it was my roughest landing for a long time, not quite as nuts as those in the video but rough nonetheless!! I remember landing in Zurich years ago, 90mph winds!!! We approached twice and missed. Almost identical to the video above, on the 3rd approach I actually saw the runway out of my window, people screaming, kids going nuts and the FEMALE Captain set it down perrrfectly, it was astonishing. I have it on film somewhere I'll try and dig it out.
  3. Rix

    Aventador is here!

    So I take it you have a thing for yellow Stunning colour, just stunning!
  4. Tony, do you have images of 5.2DC and maybe 7DC on an R8 by any chance?
  5. My kinda car!!! Thats HOT!!!
  6. So hopefully my bro is picking up an R8 GT in Black at some point next month and I want to get some rims organised for it. As much as I like the stock rims we both agree they are far too subtle for the car. Throw up some ideas chaps
  7. Rix


    Looking good bud, matching pair or are you ditching the G?
  8. Used the EXACT same words. That is some rock!!! Found this a recently http://www.fancycolordiamond.net/search/fa...s.cfm?id=BLKCAR
  9. Ha didnt even see this! Interesting reading guys. Clarity rather than simple carat size is the way to go it seems. I've been looking for nice Diamonds to make an Engangement and Wedding set for over a month now and it's amazing to see how much price difference there is with different retailers and online stores!
  10. Rix


    Does anybody "Invest" in Diamonds as they do in Gold or such? I been going nuts over the last few weeks looking for Diamonds for an engagement and wedding ring so it got me thinking about it.
  11. Those pics give a better indication of what future A' variant cars should hold in terms of styling and accents. Which imo look great, that front splitter, huge air dams, wheel to arch ratio and muscle type bulges look fabulous however the back end is a total mess...
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