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  1. Yeah, there are no markings/logos on any of the tubing. I'm fairly certain it's custom at this point lol
  2. Alright guys, a buddy of mine just picked up a Rosso Bia SV. It has an aftermarket exhaust but we can’t seem to figure out who made it. I’ve attached pictures but we’re thinking it’s either custom or one of Lamborghini’s early race exhausts. Let me know if you guys have any leads.
  3. Yeah I've heard about the pit speed one but I'm pretty sure the other two are the best kept secret coming out of sant'#### lol
  4. Bumping this because want to know what those damn switches do
  5. Ed Sheeran was amazing. Just a man, a guitar and a looper creating his music from scratch on stage.
  6. DrFuzzy

    Range Rover Velar

    The full size one was just refreshed as well. All the great things about the Velar just pushed into the big one.
  7. DrFuzzy

    Rain is Coming

    Port Arthur/Beaumont area got hit hard yesterday. Approximately 40 inches of rain in 24 hours. Place is a mess only way to get around is on boats. Walked a mile earlier today to go help as the vehicles were all trapped in.
  8. Thanks for all the responses! I'm scheduled to go test drive an Autobiography LWB tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing how it drives.
  9. Anyone have any impression on the full size Range Rover Supercharged. I am currently in a 2014 Raptor and have loved it. Recently I've been really looking into the Range and am about to trade the truck in for that as a daily. Does anyone have an experience with these? Thoughts on them? How's the reliability and the maintenance? Would love to get an owners perspective on this.
  10. Taking an Aventador to university; that must turn heads like no other.
  11. Houston isn't a bad bet at all. Cost of living is really low. You have all the luxury shops you could want. Restaurant and food for days. Incredible car scene here as well. Great for families.
  12. Would it happen to be coming to Houston? This car looks really familiar.
  13. Lambo Houston sold it a bout a month ago. That's about all the info I have on it though.
  14. Surprised there are only about 3000 miles on it. He always boasted on how much he drove it.
  15. I ran across this video the other day and it might just be my favorite car video ever. Such great visuals and the scenery is breathtaking. It was just too good not to share.
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