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  1. This would have made sense if it were the same city and PD. What do the policing practices in Cambridge have to do with those of some random place 1,000 miles away?
  2. VB has been almost too visible the past couple of years. I felt like I saw him at every event for a minute there.
  3. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would’ve.
  4. I've only driven 700 and S, but it matches what I expected.
  5. The Centenario is a legitimately ugly car, even in person. Both the S and SV look significantly better than it. It is meaningful only because of price and limited supply; made in similar quantities as the others for the same price, I'd go SV or properly optioned S every time. Centenario does not tickle the pleasure centers of my brain at all.
  6. Might be outdated thinking; these days, all the supercar videos with 1M+ views seem to be 15-20 minute vlogs/reviews/drives. I'm being completely selfish here... You captured lots of great scenes and I want more.
  7. Fantastic. An extended version with longer shots and focus on car sounds will be amazing. I'd watch a 20 minute cut.
  8. How about sound between the three? I was impressed by how much more aggressive the S sounded over the base car inside, even with simple neutral revs barely above idle. The S barks loudly.
  9. She also has her youth. Game over, she won.
  10. Sounds like you could've purchased a clean LP640 for the money you've spent.
  11. Sad what's happened to the area. I like to drive it at the end of Car Week; hope it's back in time. Have you had a chance to get behind the wheel of an Aventador S? Interested to hear your thoughts. I've driven the S, but not an SV yet (considering making the move to one of the two).
  12. Congratulations - beautiful spec. Did you get to drive US-1 before the landslide?
  13. LOL - I was at BMC earlier today; I was tempted to simply ask for the story behind the brown interior SV Roadster.
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