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  1. Will you be at the Aug C&C? I will come introduce myself and check out whichever beast you bring out Steve
  2. Looks good. Hope to see your cars around. Recognized your Murci at a cars and coffee a while back Just moved into the DC ranch area about a month ago cheers
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write this up! Love the technical data. Pretty amazing the the difference in distance between the two 60-130 runs. Nearly 60 feet between the two runs. If an equal car lined up next to you that would be a big gap I also can’t believe you trapped 207 with a stage 3 on the 3rd setting. Nice! I don’t remember the TTG’s being that fast with similar power?
  4. Bummer! Yeah the 720s blew my mind. Total beast
  5. I rented a 720s from Royalty Exotics and the experience was stellar. I’ll be doing it again in a few months
  6. Voted...moving into your neck of the woods Nice to help out a “local” business
  7. After driving the 720s I was pretty blown away how fast it is. Things just evaporate in your rear view. I’m not the least bit surprised it dusted the Z. 720s is truly in hyper car league performance wise.
  8. How often do you guys change out the tires when making 250+ mph passes? I’d imagine at least every event.
  9. Hell yeah! That was my first time behind the wheel of an exotic Not a bad way to pop my cherry with a 720
  10. Yeah it was practically brand new. Total beast of a car, the power was insane even in such blazing hot weather. Needless to say I’m a huge 720s fan now. Would definitely rent from them again next time I’m in town. Super easy to rent, no BS and they were a great group of guys.
  11. It was a total beast. By far and away the fastest most powerful car I’ve personally driven. My only regret is not renting it longer. Should have done 24 hours but we flew out the following day.
  12. I assume you think I was spamming the forum?
  13. I took the 720s out for 4 hours with my GF. Took it to the Hoover dam and made a few pulls. However it was really hot out (107), I’m sure the car would feel even better if the temps were lower and using 93 Oct. Honestly a beast of a car. I was originally looking to take a Huracan 610 out but they were unavailable and the 720 was available. Loved it.
  14. Just rented a car from Royalty Exotics yesterday. A++ experience. Main mistake is I didn’t plan my routes well enough to enjoy the car as much as I would have fully like. Nonetheless still a great time taking it to Hoover Dam and for some pulls. They have a great selection too so if there is a car you’re looking to extended test drive it’s a good chance.
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