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  1. Beautiful car and a great price! GLWS
  2. iBoost

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    So badass!
  3. iBoost

    Please help me by voting for my company

    Voted...moving into your neck of the woods Nice to help out a “local” business
  4. iBoost

    new ZR1 vs 720S...

    After driving the 720s I was pretty blown away how fast it is. Things just evaporate in your rear view. I’m not the least bit surprised it dusted the Z. 720s is truly in hyper car league performance wise.
  5. iBoost

    Underground Racing 259.67 pass (( 1320 VIDEO ))

    How often do you guys change out the tires when making 250+ mph passes? I’d imagine at least every event.
  6. iBoost

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    Hell yeah! That was my first time behind the wheel of an exotic Not a bad way to pop my cherry with a 720
  7. iBoost

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    Yeah it was practically brand new. Total beast of a car, the power was insane even in such blazing hot weather. Needless to say I’m a huge 720s fan now. Would definitely rent from them again next time I’m in town. Super easy to rent, no BS and they were a great group of guys.
  8. iBoost

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    It was a total beast. By far and away the fastest most powerful car I’ve personally driven. My only regret is not renting it longer. Should have done 24 hours but we flew out the following day.
  9. iBoost

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    I assume you think I was spamming the forum?
  10. iBoost

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    I took the 720s out for 4 hours with my GF. Took it to the Hoover dam and made a few pulls. However it was really hot out (107), I’m sure the car would feel even better if the temps were lower and using 93 Oct. Honestly a beast of a car. I was originally looking to take a Huracan 610 out but they were unavailable and the 720 was available. Loved it.
  11. iBoost

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    Just rented a car from Royalty Exotics yesterday. A++ experience. Main mistake is I didn’t plan my routes well enough to enjoy the car as much as I would have fully like. Nonetheless still a great time taking it to Hoover Dam and for some pulls. They have a great selection too so if there is a car you’re looking to extended test drive it’s a good chance.
  12. iBoost

    Demon vs 720S, Huracan Next?

    Lol the 720s literally makes everything look slow! What is more fun to drive? The 720 or Huracan. Outright speed asside
  13. iBoost

    Dealer etiquette?

    I walked into Lambo Scottsdale and was immediately greeted and even upfront told them I was just checking out what they had. The sales person went above and beyond opened up 3 separate cars so I could compare comfort seats vs sport seats, etc. Since he did that he will now have any referrals I can send his way and I will also purchase from him in the future. Smart gentleman who knows the power of good customer service.
  14. Damn, too sick. Can’t believe you guys have already built 55 of these!
  15. iBoost

    Best Exercise to cut body fat/Gain Muscle

    My workouts consist of heavy compound lifts with some accessory work. It has done wonders for physique. I’ve been training intensely for the past 6 years. I’m 26 currently. Example of chest day: Flat Bench: Warm up 2 sets at 50% working weight 12 reps, 1 set, 4 reps at 75%, 1 rep 90% working weight. 2 sets of 2-3 at 90% 1 rep max 3 sets 4-6 reps at 80% 1 RM Incline bench: 3 sets of 4-6 at 80% 1RM Dumbbells incline: 3 sets of 8 at 75-80% Then I’ll also include arms and abs. I do a total of bout 45 reps per major muscle group. Heavy lifting is key. I don’t mean stupid heavy lifting with bad form or ego lifting. Progressive overload over long periods with adequate nutrition is the secret. I usually walk around about 185-190 at 10% BF I am 6’ and wear a 32 waist but they are usually lose lol. When I was training heavy I maxed 315 on flat bench, 280 incline, deadlifted 485, squatted 405 and standing military pressed 195 I’ve toned down the intensity a bit lately as my priorities have changed with a new business but I still hit the gym at least 3 days a week. Love lifting and talking about it The simplest way to lose weight is get an idea of where your maintenance calories are: this will take some discipline eating a set # of calories for 7 days. Track your weight each day, then you can start to adjust downward by 300-500 calories to start primarily from carbs. Track for another 7-14 days and take the average. You should see a downward trend. Once you get to your goal weight or look then slowly start increasing calories again by 150-200 per week. Your body is primed for fat storage as your metabolism will be lower after dieting for a long period, so definitely do not start binge eating lol. You can gain the fat back very fast (ask me how I know). For adding mass I recommend the same approach except to add 100-200 calorie surplus every 10-14 days. No reason to really every go over 700 over maintenance unless you are an extreme athlete. The goal is to gain as much muscle as possible without adding fat. A lot of people make the mistake of dirty bulking and get fat too fast before their body can take advantage of the nutrition. Insulin sensitivity tends to be best around 8-12% in males and significantly decreases past 18%. So ideally you should always stay under that for optimal performance.