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  1. key03

    Discount Diablos

    If this is the same Diablo, Russ bought it from a small dealer in the Chicago suburbs for $80K +/-.
  2. Every life insurance Policy I have had excluded coverage for suicide for 2 years after which claims become uncontestable. So, it depends how long the policy has been in place. I enjoyed his perspective on life until now. RIP. Those demons are horrific.
  3. You certainly brought it to the right forum for an easy transaction and great exposure to available buyers.
  4. I think your numbers are way off Wheels https://shootingindustry.com/u-s-firearms-i...try-today-2016/
  5. Be careful with any document safe, ala Sentry safe. The Sentry fire safe I had removed the blue moon phase ink from a very expensive yeager lecultre watch I had. Moisture in the safe mixing with the air born fire resistive packing caused a chemical reaction that attacked the watch. By the time I realized the problem it was too late and it had to be sent back to Switzerland for repairs costing thousands. Make sure the safe is a watch/valuables approved safe.
  6. Sounds like that Rotten Tomatoes voting is being manipulated by some major disgruntled SW fan. The movie was horrible though. I'm anxious to see what Abrams cobbles together for the next one after he has lost most of his cast. I guess if you are the adolescent that Lucas originally targeted these movies to, it may have been entertaining.
  7. Yeah, I would just stick with a flat white ceiling. You could look at a suspended fixture system commonly used in offices. LED fixtures with great light output and longevity. See www.fluxwerxs.com for some ideas. These are very compact fixtures (5"-6" tall). There are many companies producing fixtures like these.
  8. On the other site under the Countach section. 30 year owner supposedly. No photos, no information other than sounds like it needs work. Guys phone number is listed and that's it. Ian?
  9. key03

    New one-off coming

    Tesla coil wheels. It is a work of art and a proper concept. unbelievable.
  10. SO this security guard is a potential accomplice? Shot himself in the leg to get out?
  11. Ok, do you think he would have parked himself up on that 32 story hill if he did not have these types of weapons then? I don't watch TV at all. It is a waste of time. I am not on Facebook, I have no Instagram account like the rest of you.
  12. Thank you. We need to find out how he acquired this equipment. Yes, we have gun problems here, but handguns are rampant and there is no way they will be eliminated ever, so the problem persists. The use of the guns, however is 99% used by gangs, drug dealers, etc who have "reasons" for shooting up the neighborhood. Until these users disappear, we will continue to have deaths related to handguns. 57 deaths last month, a total equal to this destruction on a monthly basis.
  13. I would like to see a handgun do this damage from 1,000 feet. You don't get it do you? He needed these big ass weapons for one reason only and now we all know why. There is no reason for them to exist. To shoot milk jugs in the back yard?
  14. He had guns. He amassed an arsenal of killing machines. He was normal. He wouldn't hurt a fly. He had guns. He killed with them. He was a gambler. he had a girlfriend. He had guns. Yes, he had big powerful killing machines. Whoever sold him these guns needs to hang in the center of town on a pole by his balls.
  15. key03

    Kim Jong Un

    They know. Trump has found a companion with the same Narcissistic Personality Disorder as him. NPD is a condition that has no cure, so the rhetoric from both sides will just continue on and on. It's so much fun to watch I can barely contain myself.
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