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  1. That's my point, he doesn't. Therefore there is no "breaking news", there continues to still be multiple "eyewitnesses". PS did you see my post before he deleted it, or are you going off of the grossly wrong implications libel occued? There were no wild generalizing stereotypes, simply a tounge and cheek rebuttal of witness legitimacy.
  2. My statement was applicable to the implication the priest had higher bearing as a witness, compared to the other "eyewitnesses". This was clearly the intention, as there was already more than one "eyewitness". It was much more in line and completely pertinent as opposed to many of the other posts in this thread.
  3. There is pleanty of evidence that shows members of "the cloth" to have participated in morally bankrupt practices. You as a lawyer of all things, would know my statement was not libelous, as it was not directed as a fact pertaining to one particular individual nor implied as such.
  4. If you are using a catholic priest as an expert witness based on his "status", I don't see why my discredidation of such "status" is out of bounds.
  5. PS - Gary, Indiana is a shithole. I'm surprised they got anyone outside of that cesspool to believe their garbage.
  6. Fame/money. Bunch of yahoos decided to get together to scam the public. Just like when there are "independent" reports of statues crying and shit. Asshole scammers.
  7. Football>soccer>rugby>kangaroos
  8. I think Seattle takes this one.
  9. I like it quite a bit. My only qualm was with the oem gator and deployment clasp. I had a nubuck gator strap made for it, and use the oem buckle from the rubber strap - Now it's perfect.
  10. I really like your new avatar - Makes you look regal.
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