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  1. a red 99 just pop up on ebay, $200k starting bid, anyone here know about this car?
  2. anyone has update on this car? is it been sold?
  3. friend of my sold his SV four month ago with $20k below msrp, color is matte black.
  4. If I knew your reputation earlier, I would of tell you just send me back my tires and im glad to give you a full refund, anyway sorry about the name calling, lets stop here I dont want to wast anymore times on this, lets move on.
  5. BEWARE: I sold him perfect set of Pirelli 345-25-20 used tires $400.00, I have my tire shop and myself inspected it b4 i ship, three month later he call me back said one of my tire is damage and ask me to refund him $200.00, I did, only because I want this scumbag stop both me and disappear in my life, beware this crook.
  6. wow...really??? ok, will let my friend know.
  7. friend of my in Taiwan looking for gloss black lp700, willing to pay 60k over, your help is great appreciated, thank you. Jess 626-712-4641
  8. Hi Gregg: I have a brand new set ( 2 tires ) of Pirelli 235-35-18 pzero asimmetrico, they are original for my 2001 6.0, they should be same for 99 roadster, I pay $650 incuding freight from tirerack less than a year ago I do not need them nomore, let me know if you need them I'll let them go cheaper, thank you. Jess Chen 626-712-4641
  9. Please pm me your absolute lowest price you can take on 2010 911 pdk, thank you, serious buyer.
  10. hahaha....sorry never mind, didnt know jetfire gone through with that seller already.
  11. Did you see the one on ebay by jimmy540i, fits exact what you looking for, 05 buy it now for 138k.
  12. jess996

    purple 6.0?

    Yes Roy, he bought that from you 4years ago, let us know if you know any body looking for viola 6.0.
  13. jess996

    purple 6.0?

    This is car that I'm talking about, I toke that picture infront of his drive way.
  14. jess996

    purple 6.0?

    Not true, My best friend Michael's viola 6.0 has less than 9k miles, his car is in perfect condition, he will consider letting it go for the right price.
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