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  1. Thanks for your help, the speed of transaction and quick shipping, Glen
  2. I’m looking replace the coolant line that runs down the middle toward top of motor. The original one from lambo isn’t a reinforced wall line. They say you replace when motor is out. Can someone please be kind to help where I can source one? It also needs a new Throwout Bearing. Is the LP640 Throwout Bearing for Egear interchangeable with my 05 Murcie Egear? Where is the best place to buy? Dealer said it will take 3 weeks plus and it runs $4k Thanks so much in advance. Grateful for your help
  3. Hi—Is this a reservoir to check on my gear fluid? If it is, it looks a bit low. What is the best/ recommended oil to top it off? Thanks so much in advance.
  4. Thanks so much for your help
  5. My 2005 Murcie Roadster—Last three times with both doors n engine bay closed, each time I turn the key on half way to get the power on (starting sequence), it instantly triggered the siren alarm even before I press the unlock button to start the car. Once I remove the key from the ignition, press the unlock button to stop the alarm (it stops) then re-insert the key back into the ignition, the car started up perfectly as it should. I recently replaced the battery key fob right before this started so I’m not sure if it was a catalyst...Appreciate your shared thoughts and/or advice. Thanks
  6. I had no idea Charlie had passed away. RIP. He was an upstanding gentleman. I was the one who sold Charlie one of my roadsters. I've had near a dozen of Diablo (few were roadsters; hence, my vague memory). If my recollection serves me correctly, it was a 1996. As with all my cars, it was a great one. All service up to date and no accident history. Knowing Charlie, I am sure he took care of it with white gloves. I will see if I can find the pictures from my archives.
  7. Unfortunately, his behavior has adversely affected the lives of hundreds of ordinary folks who rely on the paychecks to make ends met.
  8. tomf-1

    Dropping by.....

    I am good. Hope you and yours are doing well. Happy Holidays.
  9. tomf-1

    Dropping by.....

    Thanks. Best of the holiday seasons to you and yours.
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