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  1. He wrote “kg” but must have meant “lb”. I was surprised when he said 80kg. That explains that.
  2. They sent you pics of SVJ exhaust? When I requested pics they didn’t respond which made my exhaust choice easier.
  3. I wasn’t speaking on behalf of everyone.
  4. A lot of Japanese for example go for looks and sound but they probably tune their cars to minimise any losses. As I said their Stardropper exhaust weighs 80kg, if everyone cared about performance then Stardropper wouldn’t sell any.
  5. good point regarding before and after dyno’s. I suppose exhaust buyers that are getting exhausts for the sound aren’t too particularly concerned about power especially when the Lambo’s already have heaps of power. I know that the Stardropper exhaust for SVJ weighs around 80kg!!!! That’s a huge increase over stock. Having said that, titanium exhaust systems are typically designed to reduce weight which adds performance that can’t be measured on a dyno.
  6. so not an SVJ? As I believe the sound characteristics between SVJ and non SVJ is substantially different. i.e. I don't think powercraft on non SVJ is comparable to same on SVJ
  7. What car did you have Powercraft on?
  8. Thanks for that, sure screams doesn’t it. It’s between this and Powercraft for me.
  9. That sounds bonkers, the audio seems to be a bit off, need another vid with a different recording device. Does it spit flames on idle though??
  10. What’s so special about it apart from pictures of hexagonals on it?
  11. thanks for that... I had it installed on the SVJ last week, it's improved the sound but it's still a far cry from our LP-700 stock exhaust
  12. but better. how did you do the tyre markings?
  13. Great spec. Was considering the same but got Rosso Targa instead (also with no SVJ lettering). What is this exhaust valve controller you speak of and where do you get it from?
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