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  1. LP-700 brakes are shocking, potentially could have had a fatal accident as a result.
  2. you can never have too much CF but in this case, the roof, engine cover etc, there's too much of it and doesn't contrast well with the rest of the car.
  3. thanks for the great video. How would you compare the SVJ to the "budget" LP-700 Aventador? :)
  4. Can’t wait for the video. When will you show the colour for your SVJ?
  5. Safer in the wet as I assume most SVJ’s won’t be used as hardcore track weapons?
  6. I dont seem to understand why they would keep the same displacement V12 and make it a hybrid with DCT when the current 6.5L V12 already does 0-62mph in 2.8s. I always thought they would make the displacement smaller due to increasingly stringent emissions regs and make up for the powerloss with electrification.
  7. martz

    Aventador SV-J roadster

    SVJR in Rosso Targa incoming.... was difficult to spec, colour not in configurator.
  8. can you still get an allocation for SVJ? smooth shifting Lambo's are boring imo. Love the violent Aventador shifts.
  9. Might put a holding deposit down with Anthony and see how i fair. You keeping the SV?
  10. LP 800? No such thing lol.. Also only one in the world? There's heaps of Aventadors lol.. Nice vid though
  11. I meant it's a flop for me (notice how I said 'imo'?)
  12. first year not surprised, also how many units?
  13. Bentayga is a flop imo. It's ugly and ludicrously expensive.
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