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  1. Here's a few photos from IG I've came across of a beautiful Blu Nethuns SV which was at Lambo Edinburgh over the weekend. By far by favourite colour. Would have went with black centre locks though. None of the photos are mine. Enjoy.
  2. Can't stand reg plates here in the UK with 'W33'. It's usually "wee tam" driving his 1.2 limited edition Vauxhall Corsa with such a plate.
  3. LMS22

    Huracan RWD

    Looks better in real life from these pictures than the others.
  4. Colour in person is great! Witnessed a roadster drive through Glasgow last year from Lambo Edinburgh in antares. Just beautiful.
  5. That is exactly how I'd spec the roadster. Absolute perfection. Congrats!
  6. http://vvsuk.co.uk/sports-cars/lamborghini...cielago-551.htm That's the link to the website. I'm not sure, it doesn't mention anything about it being an export from the description. It's number 77, I'll need to check out if that was oringinally a UK supplied vehicle or not.
  7. There's a Rosso Mars SV just came onto the UK market. Asking price is £399,990. Someone will pay it I bet. Although they'll have to choose between that and the Rosso Mars LP720 roadster that has recently just became available for £389,000. Only 10k in it...It'd be a tough choice, both beautiful cars. The roadster isn't too far away from me, may have to go check it out as I've yet to see one in person!
  8. Now that is very unfortunate. I was hoping to see a Huracan in Blu Nethuns when they opened up the Ad Personam options!
  9. I hate the brown interior parts. The rest is ok. Certainly doesn't blow me away.
  10. What are people's thoughts with the centre blacked out? Does anyone know if this can be specced? My favourite shot so far: So menacing: Love this view of the rear:
  11. There are pictures of a red Huracan with black Mimas alloys on IG. Looks fantastic. Saw a white one recently at Lambo London and it looked great in person. The rear also looked much better than in some pictures. It was sat next to a VI LP560 spyder...cannot wait to see a verde Huracan in person.
  12. Came across this on IG. They look fantastic from the rear.
  13. LMS22

    F12 TRS

    I like it. Nicer than the standard F12 imo but 50th Aventador still wins at considerably less £££. Each to their own though.
  14. The car is owned by a guy called Yianni Charalambous who owns a wrapping company 'Yiannimize' here inthe UK. His instagram is worth a follow, loads of pictures of nice cars being wrapped. The Aventador was wrapped like that for a very short time, was pretty cool though. He got a lot of hate on instagram for wrapping it like that - people fail to remember it was for a bit of fun and can be taken off in a couple of hours. He is selling the Aventador shortly, deposit taken and is being wrapped gloss white for the new owner apparently. Hopefully the new owner enjoys it - beautiful car.
  15. Thanks Nath4N, managed to find some more photo's of it now I know the colour name. It's a beautiful colour on the SV.
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