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  1. holy cow. that is one well done steak there....
  2. what type of garage openers cuz i notice they are now on the side? BTW, havent talked to you in a while... didnt even know you moved to AZ... go to Scottsdale often.
  3. It is especially considering they could have just added the performante name instead of the Jota name like the huaracan... maybe the signature gold valve cover would be on this version as well...
  4. That car belongs to the owner of Veloce in Japan who sells lambo and Italian parts... sad to see that car get damaged like that.
  5. Wow, I talked with engineer who did the huaracan at the sneak preview of the Huaracan performante in Beverly Hills Co then. He was involved with the se30 back in the Diablo days and we were conversing about the gold engine cover as a nod to the se30.... I told him wouldn’t it be great to add the ALA system on the aventador sv as a retro jota kit.... I would like to think perhaps some part of my suggestions may have been adopted...not as kit but as a another variant..... SV Jota.
  6. so whats a huracan? R8..... whats a gallardo? R8.... whats the logo if you flip over ashtray? audi... you're 14 years too late... I believe its all in the execution of how the 4 door will be made. The litmus test though we will see in the upcoming months when the SUV hits.. If that thing enters the market as a cookie cutter product with a lambo logo, the 4 door will not be too far off... At that point, we will all see major brand errosion. In fact, we will see this happening with Ferrari's recent announcement ot go into the SUV market as well.
  7. Its Lamborghini's way of bringing bang for the buck into the super car business... relatively speaking of course. lol
  8. I like the parts "Lamborghini first goal is not to gain money: they just want to build better cars than Ferrari." "Ferrari thinks to be the White House while Lamborghini just thinks to be a VIP friend you have" All in all as the exotic car arena has gotten really competitive now, the indepedent exotic car makers will have a difficult time keeping up and sadly many will eventually fade away, leaving big corporations who dont mind not making money on that brand and outlast others in the process all to build brand equity 15 years down the line. Audi being the parent for Lamborghini is overall good and ensures this brand survives and outlast many others. I think Lamborghini has gained tremendous ground in the last 15 years to where they are a viable alternative to Ferrari and certainly have carved out their niche to younger audience that dont desire to be punished for being successful by a dealership in order to get a mildly styled car that rely less on soul stirring designs and more on the whispers of long gone glory days of the past...
  9. 😉Exactly! He was a really young engineer in the days of the se30 and we had a great time talking at length about the se30 and how that ethos is what he wanted to bring to this car. Now imagine if this system was available for Aventadors in the future....or even Aventador sv as a performance kit like the Jota kits....
  10. I was just reading an article about how Konigsegg and SGG were questioning the time of the car and the doubt people cast on the time. Lesson here is if you are a car manufacturer, pairing up with a tire manufacturer who is willing to spend R&D money on just your car is now critical. Why? because traction control, aero downforce, and all other aspects of the car have reach a point where improvements are normally no longer in strides but minute increments and engine power is easily acheived with turbo and forced induction. Tires play a crucial part in being able to apply power and the cornering ability of the car. The funny thing is that tires are the only aspect where technology advancements has been relatively slow vs all other areas in the automotive world with limited players. Kudos to Lamborghini working with Pirelli to have special tires designed for the car... and of course Lamborghini for their patented aero system, proving often simple solutions can generate wonderful results... I am expecting this system will be an easy way for Lamborghini to add more differentiation within their model variants in the future. I might add that an interesting fact is that one of the engineers who worked on the aero system was also part of the Jota program for the diablo se30...
  11. Centerlocks look great but lamborghini engineer told me at reveal the conventional wheel lug set up is actually 30lbs lighter than the centerlocks...lol.
  12. heard 250 thrown out there but we will know soon enough...
  13. went to see it today as well.. I had a chance to discuss at length one of the senior engineer that made his presentation. Interesting to note he was part of the diablo se30 back in the day... The Performante he says development took 2 years and he was really proud of the results and what they achieved. Given concept of the aero was thought up years before, kudos to the engineers as they are making great strides. Without saying further, there is a visual element shared with the se30. Good car and I would seriously consider this once I have chance to test drive it and compare to normal huracan in the future.
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