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  1. That’s beautiful! I’m a sucker for blue. Congratulations.
  2. Hopefully the Judge isn’t part off the Tifosi.
  3. Have to admit, thats a little creepy and definitely odd. Ghost, guess it could be...
  4. Any chance I can get an owners title?
  5. PittBull, welcome to LP and the local Lambo family. The green machine is incredible. Huge congrats. 2008 Orange Superleggera
  6. Is the procedure for getting a Lamborghini owners title the same as it was on the old site?
  7. Livethedream


    That car is awesome! Especially like it from the side. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Thanks Andrew....now I need to officially join the club!
  9. Love that color! Congrats.
  10. Thanks Cake. The next step will be getting her some seat time.
  11. Thanks, Posey I am well aware of what I have done.
  12. Thank you everyone. Wife and I finally got the car out for a drive last night. Besides my lack of smoothness with the CCB's she loved it. Could never get her in the Exige as she hated how small and loud it was but the SL we can enjoy together. I love this car! E gear and CCB are going to take a little getting used to. But as others have said, the sound is glorious. Still can't believe it's in my garage. I find myself making excuses to go out there and stare at it.
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