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  1. Oh man, they just caused my wheels to be worth less. Talk about a depreciation hit!
  2. I have no idea what the answer to this is but man, does that orange one look good!
  3. Glad you are enjoying the car even more than you thought you would. But it sounds like you are going to have to share seat time, haha. The girls are doing great. Hope we actually get to have some meets before the weather turns cold so we can catch up.
  4. Congrats Cake! That was pretty much my dream car back in my high school days. Enjoy!
  5. Hey Docta, would you sport a mask with a Lamborghini tag? You probably already know my answer. It is great to see companies arising to the occasion.
  6. That’s beautiful! I’m a sucker for blue. Congratulations.
  7. Hopefully the Judge isn’t part off the Tifosi.
  8. Have to admit, thats a little creepy and definitely odd. Ghost, guess it could be...
  9. Any chance I can get an owners title?
  10. PittBull, welcome to LP and the local Lambo family. The green machine is incredible. Huge congrats. 2008 Orange Superleggera
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