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  1. How'd I miss this post! Congrats bud! Super easy and the McDonalds thing....EPIC! I still laugh at that. Awesome ride, great color! Enjoy brother!
  2. kaoss

    Back at Cats!

    Highly possible he might like that! LOL
  3. kaoss

    Back at Cats!

    It's been a wicked crazy past few years and now, I'm back where it began, working with Roy at Cats Exotics! Pretty exciting overall, reconnecting with old friends and customers, rapidly changing inventory and just a fun place for me. Looking forward to touching bases with everyone, old and new, and most of all, sharing these awesome cars with everyone! Kevin
  4. What is it you are detailing, how often, and how extensive?
  5. For Sale: Looks new and in perfect condition, everything present except tow hook, gloves, fuses, belt, tools...for 02-06 Murcie. Prob same as LP640 as well. Asking $350.00 plus shipping. PM for details or if you have my info, just reach out. Kevin
  6. Man I miss that car...glad it's in good hands. BTW, it's 2wd conversion, which is why the TCS is so hyperactive, so the steering would've felt a little lighter as well, especially at lower speeds. Probably one of the best Murcie's I've ever owned...super strong and still looks amazing! Thanks Josh for taking such good care of her!
  7. The saying you get what you pay for is spot on...but seriously, who thinks they are getting a twin turbo bolt on upgrade done in 4 days? Worse yet, what shop promises such an unrealistic timeline? Unless they house several kits, which I doubt, that's next to impossible. 2 weeks isn't even realistic. Moving on to cost...the first sign that something will fail or go terribly wrong, is when the cost is 80% less than any other shop doing the same things. 20k for a bolt on twin turbo kit...that's a used price for the hardware alone. I'm no expert but been around long enough to know what UGR i
  8. Murcie tool kit SOLD. Gallardo kit still available.
  9. Have an OEM complete tool kit for 02-06 Murcie, virtually unused and in perfect condition. Pics available. Asking $350.00 plus shipping. Also have OEM tool kit for 04-08 Gallardo, complete and new, unused and in perfect condition. Pics also available. Asking $300.00 plus shipping. PM me here or call 503-969-2734. Thanks!
  10. Have an original OEM Murcie car cover in bag, happy to take pics but in excellent condition. Asking $350.00 shipped in US. PM me or call 503-969-2734 Thanks!
  11. I know the previous owner of this car...he takes impeccable care of his cars. As for value, a car, no matter what it is, is only worth what someone will pay for it. Having said that, you need to compare apples to apples...you cannot compare pricing of a 97 roadster to that of a 99 roadster, they are two completely different vehicles. There are a few good examples on the market, the black one Roy has is an excellent example of a 99 roadster, I found that car for the previous owner several years ago with very low miles and it was prestine at the time and appears to be in the same condition
  12. Brokering this for a friend of mine. 1977 Porsche 930 Turbo. This is an original turbo car with heavy mods. Car still needs some work, but is stunning in person and priced accordingly. Not interested in trades. Asking price is $85k. Needs about 7-10k worth of work, will provide complete list of needs to interested parties, photo of car below, more pics on request. Here are the specs: Engine – 3.2 Litre turbo – Mild port and polish – Balanced and CC’d – Flame ringed – Web 964 camshafts – GHL motorsports headers – Mahle 98mm pistons with fully finned cylinders – Late
  13. Actually there is one important benefit that most people forget, and it's really important if you're dealing with exotics. On a closed end lease, you are responsible for all of the lease payments regardless of when you get out of the car. So if you signed up for a 36 month lease, made 20 payments and your financial position changes, you're still on the hook for the remaining 16 payments, plus early termination fees, mileage, etc. On the other hand, and open end lease allows you to refinance into another lease at lease end very smoothly, usually with no penalty for mileage charges, etc. It
  14. Use caution, there was a VI LP640 at that dealer that went out on a test drive and "jumped a curb"...doing damage to I think the rear wheel/quarter. It was pulled for awhile so it could get repaired. Not reported to Carfax either. Not saying this is that car...just saying there was one with that sort of history.
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