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  1. Everybody hear about the 5 year old in Utah that took his mom's car on a "mission", not a joy ride? He told the Trooper he was going to his sister's in Cali so he could buy a Lambo with the $3 in his wallet. One of you Utah folks find out how to get that young dude a ride! Would be very good Karma, especially if in exchange for a ride you get him to promise not to drive again until he has a license.
  2. I don't know why, but i got a little misty watching that. He seems like a really genuine, nice, car loving guy. Thanks for the post
  3. M '97 Roadster had 19" wheels (gorgeous, really update the car) when i bought her in '06. Love them, best comment I've ever had at a show was (from a lady who looked liked she knew fashion) was "they're really not wheels but more like jewelry or your tires" BUT converted her two 2 wheel drive many years ago 'cause the '19's finally overheated the front differential, and she's a lot more fun in 2 wheel drive, but be careful. I've put over 40,000 miles on her with those 19"rims and she rides great (Michelin's Pilot sports, not Pirelli's ) just would never track her with the 19" rims.
  4. Destructo, if you have not been to Arlington on Memorial Day Weekend, its a must. Respectfully, Major Kevin T Hayes, USAF (Ret)
  5. Intrigued by it. Drove an i8 coupe' the other day and was very impressed, not a super car by any means, but FUN. Any one have a roadster? Thinking, very seriously, about trading in my 1 of 300 Maserati 2009 Gran Turismo S (Ferrari 599 1 transmission, a beast, but not a Roadster) for the Bimmer.
  6. I've been using Michelin Pilort Sports on both my Diablos since '06, 50,00 miles combined (I drive and enjoy my cars, but never tracked) Will never use anything other than Pilot Sports, good grip, good ride, good life.
  7. OK, i'm just a dumb jet pilot, who bought the McL Sena, Roy or Alan? And Alan what road is that? On the way to Tortilla Flats?
  8. Yea Prince that's cause his canopy is gold, get your windows tinted. LOTS going on in my life catch up in a bit VCSL
  9. just be thankful there wasn't a passenger in the blue car just chillin' or oblivious on a cell phone
  10. DosDiablosAzules


    This discussion is why i have two ancient, 3 pedal Diablos. Slow compared to aything without 3 pedals, but FUN
  11. DosDiablosAzules

    SV X 3

    What number is the Diablo ME SV? I've got #2. Are you going to Monterey with it? Its the 25th Anniv. of the ME . I'll have #2 there, pretty sure #3 will be there. Would be nice to have as many of the 20 ME's there this year.
  12. DosDiablosAzules


    An SUV that they will make 3000+ a year, never even close to being collectible or special, but very cool. Love my Infiniti QX-70, think it more aggressive looking, great SUV, but it’s an SUV. Will never be in the market for a quarter mil SUV. But if they had made the Esterion, I’d been on the list And the Terza...we all want one
  13. I know it’s just me, but I like the rear “bumper”
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