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  1. Looks awesome! How are you liking it? Fast enough?
  2. Just wanted to chime in and say that we take the safety of our product as a primary concern as almost every employee (with the exception of our secretary) has ADV.1 wheels on their personal cars (many of which are tracked). None of us have a death wish and no one at our company would willingly or knowingly endanger our own families. We all have skin in the game at our company and aren't willing to risk safety to make a quick buck or put our customers at risk and our company at liability. This issue as you all know by reading the response was related to a supplier issue and would've affected any manufacture ordering 22" step lip parts during the same time period and affected batch. To address some concerns on "aggressive driving", etc... we fully expect our customers to drive their cars aggressively... we have wheels on everything from 1500whp Gallardo's to 8 second GTR's so under-engineering a product isn't ever a possibility - we do the exact opposite on purpose. This was another response as the the engineering/testing/safety/certification questions that had been raised in that thread but hadn't been posted here yet. Hope it helps clear up any confusion or concern. ADV.1 Testing Procedures and documentation Due to the recent rumors circulating the internet we felt it was necessary to explain our testing, engineering, and warranty procedures for those interested. Testing Procedures: All of our forgings are initially engineered around a certain range of vehicle fitments / load ratings. Normally we design the forging die itself around a 2000lb. per corner load rating umbrella. This means that so long as all wheels using this forging are engineered around the tested / certified material thickness minimums based on the test certification, no further testing is required unless an order violates these guidelines for any reason. To give you an example of this, see diagram below. For any wheels which do in fact contain material in some areas which is less than the tested / certified guideline minimums, we then use our in house xxx testing equipment. An example of this would be on wheels like our new SL series where they are engineered for the exact vehicle the order is intended for thus the material thickness tolerances may be too conservative for the subject vehicle in question. For example, if we're engineering a set of SL's for an R8 like the schematic below illustrates, the load rating of the vehicle is much less and the necessary material needed for safe use on this vehicle may be much less than the originally tested 2000lb / corner rating. With this being said, we use FEA analysis software to effectively determine the necessary material needed for this car. Once finalized, a physical test wheel is made for destruction testing on our radial and fatigue testing equipment which we've obtained for this exact purpose. Based on the resulting data of the test we then are able to confirm or deny the file which leads to either production of the wheel. revisions to engineering and re-testing, or additional reduction of material in order to further tweak the file for maximum weight reduction. Testing procedures of the initial forging / umbrella certification is done by a company called STL or Standard Testing Labs. This is a US based, independent testing facility which provides multiple types of testing procedures. For each individual test subject a certification outlining the results and details is provided, see examples below which we have on file for all ADV.1 Forgings used. Our in house radial cornering / fatigue testing equipment also provides documentation on each subject tested, an example of such is shown below: In regards to TUV Testing, as many know is something we've been working diligently towards with our German Partners, ATT-Tec in Berlin, is a long process and despite what many believe is actually a never ending requirement needed for every single size, offset, application, PCD, etc. The process is very expensive and time consuming however is the only way to provide customers in Germany with aftermarket products of any type. Below is a detailed explanation written recently by Jordan Swerdloff on this subject: "TUV requires individual testing and certification documents for every single wheel style, in each size, for each application so there's still a long road ahead of us in order to be able to offer all styles to a wide range of vehicles. So far we officially have our ADV5.1 monoblock approved in 20x8.5+18 / 20x11+20 for BMW e92 M3. Each additional certification will only require roughly a week for testing / approval now that the TUV recognizes the company as an approved manufacturer which will soon be added to their database once the paperwork is complete, the majority of the documentation and testing is not needed for each additional certification. Current plans for the remainder of 2012 will include 18 more certifications, 3 styles in both 1 piece and 3 piece track spec configurations, offered to 3 different vehicle platforms. Although there is still a long way to go, this is a huge step in the process of opening the door to Germany. Currently the selection of wheels able to be sold is very limited and the only option enthusiasts have is to either choose from the limited selection of approved brands, mostly cast wheels or to risk fines and even the loss of their vehicles by driving without TUV certified products on their car. Now, through the efforts of our Exclusive German Distributors ATT-Tec, the German market will finally be able to enjoy our wheels without having to worry about the consequences of driving without approved aftermarket components on their vehicles." ADV.1 Materials / Suppliers 3 Piece center disc forgings: Material: 6061 T6 Heat Treated Forged Aluminum Suppliers: ASA Centerline 1 Piece monoblock forgings: Material: 6061 T6 Heat Treated Forged Aluminum Suppliers: ASA 3 Piece rim halves / excluding 21/22 inch Standard reverse parts (step lip): Material: 5051 Spun Forged Aluminum / 6061 T6 Heat Treated Forged Aluminum Suppliers: ARS Triangle 3 Piece 21/22 inch Standard reverse parts (step lip) rim halves: Material: 6061 T6 Heat Treated Forged Aluminum Suppliers: Triangle Machining: Performed: In house / ADV.1 Dedicated portion of MHT Machining Production Facility Engineering / Programming: Performed: In house / ADV.1 Staff
  3. Awesome race... McLaren looks strong and there should be some good competition from RedBull and Mercedes (and even Lotus it looks like). Best part of the Grand Prix... Kimi's team radio to him screaming "WHY AM I GETTING BLUE FLAGGED?!?!?!"... his engineer "those aren't for you." lol.
  4. Not 900ft long but i just love the lines on it and the fact you can take it out by yourself... which for something that big is pretty rare... I'm also about 95% sure you can see it docked in a Dexter episode where the crazy old serial killer chucks his wife off of the top of the warehouse... either that or its an identical boat named ronin.
  5. ronin is probably certifiable but he does have one of the most gorgeous sailboats/yachts i've ever seen... and his driving techniques aside... i love his lotus.
  6. Robert - is she still trading FX as her primary means of income these days?
  7. Only data i've got... don't know if that helps (17 refers to hex size, 17mm): Lamborghini Murcielago 2001-2010 M14x1.5 Conical 17 Lamborghini Gallardo 2003-Current M14x1.5 Conical 17 Lamborghini Reventon 2009-2010 M14x1.5 Conical 17 Lamborghini Aventador 2011-Current M14x1.5 Conical 17
  8. I'm looking for similar cars... probably at a lower price point like this one: http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp?t...&listType=1 What always scares me is the repair bills... like in this one auction they have 12k in service that has just been done. Are you guys buying extended warranties at all (Fidelity, etc.) or having any kind of CPO done? Or just hoping the 996TT bulletproof mantra lives up to the hype and paying out of pocket for repairs?
  9. The wheels have been built for months... the hold up has been on the finish... Trying to get a Bugatti PPG code from them is like trying to get laid at a nun daycamp...
  10. I will go yell at Jordan for you Scotty!
  11. I just want to see it because it was filmed mostly with handheld DSLR's which is very rare/new thing for big budget productions and this is like the only movie ever done where they used live rounds for a LOT of the special effects. Specifically that truck that gets blown up in the chase during the trailer... the director said the marine boys didn't rig anything - but actually just fired the real ordinance at it... that kind of realism and lack of CGI b.s. makes it a must see for me! Check out some of the behind the scenes live fire here: http://screenrant.com/act-valor-live-ammun...e-sandy-148715/ Thanks for the review boys!
  12. Supercharged CLKBS? As if the stock one wasn't tail happy enough! Sooooo cool!
  13. Yea the fitment on this car isn't ours - the customer came to us with the spec's and fitment he wanted and we built them to his specifications. Not our cup of tea either with the hellaflush look but to each his own I guess.
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