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  1. Major major dips. Tempted to buy buy buy
  2. Charlie Lee did say expect a huge announcement in 2018
  3. I think so. One of the verification methods by SMS only allows a Chinese phone number
  4. I'm going to wait for it to slip under $1.00 and then buy in
  5. I got verfied on Binance in just 2 days
  6. Charlie Lee just cashed out all of his LTC
  7. Ugh, I lost my license and my Passport is expired. I don't really want to wait for my new license to come. Wonder how else i can do this since I want to purchase asap
  8. Does anyone think that Ripple's value is somewhat limited by the process of purchasing? Buying bitcoin, lite, and ethereum are easier than ever through coinbase and I'm sure that's driving value up. But I guess that's a good sign to get in before becomes easy to purchase. if it IS added to coinbase then expect another surge.

    So... Ebola...

    Oh hi Ebola, hope you had a nice vacation
  10. A lot of people that made money on BC really just got in on it early. Almost like a startup in a way. Some still think it could go to $10,000 a BC, but I'm not too sure.
  11. I live down the street from there if you want me to check it out for you.
  12. Our app just went live on Product Hunt! Any upvotes would be appreciated. Also, the app is now free. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/fotofreeze
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