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  1. I've been in there a couple times. most everything there is way overpriced and when I asked about certain cars they were all "private collection" vehicles not for sale. I think its a front for whoever owns all the cars to be honest with you. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I have mine up for sale but I may keep it. basically if someone offers the right number id sell it, but other than that Its not going anywhere unless I'm driving it. Congrats on the allocation
  3. Friend of mine just got a brand new R8 plus. not only does it sound exactly like my huracan did its just as fast if not faster. Audi IMO screwed themselves on this one cause from a HP and performance perspective its the same car for $90 to 100k less.
  4. Dam this thread is still going ? I remember when it started. Its been a while.
  5. These have been sitting since I sold me Murcie. Never really used them. Fronts have some life left, rears are close to wear bars. Buyer pays shipping. Just want these gone. $3k or best offer takes em. I can safely get them ready for shipping and ship for you at your cost. Please email me as I don't check the PM on here very often. [email protected] Thanks, Tony
  6. I ended up ordering the girodisc rotors and pads and their racing brake fluid with 617 degree boiling point. We'll see how they hold up...
  7. Thanks for all the feedback !!
  8. I have stock rotors with hawk pads and just recently flushed the brake fluid and replaced it with a high temp racing fluid. I still was experiencing brake fade at the lambo BH event in thermal that deuce and allan and I went to. Just curious as to what you guys are running and what is working best for the TT cars when it comes to brake fade.
  9. I just picked up a M6 convt a couple months ago. Never dyno'd it but I love the M4. congrats on the purchase. Who has the tune ? Everyone I've talked to says they have not been able to get a tune in on a M6 or M4 that actually did anything. I assume they will soon.
  10. They made around 14k G's over 10 years and they have already made and sold 3000 Huracan's so if that stays the course the next 10 years or so, your talking about 30k Huracan's....even if its 20 or 25k over the course of time....I'll let you figure out the math on what is going to happen to value of the huracan.
  11. Did you buy that from a guy here in Scottsdale ? I just saw one like this here about a month ago.
  12. Always a blast hanging with Allan and Bryan. Would totally do a trip like that again but stay the whole weekend. The 4 hour drive from Scottsdale SUCKED !!!!
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