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  1. If you can buy it at retail, it's worth it. Not worth it if you have to buy on the secondary market.
  2. DCM

    Got a Flat?

    Never really though about where you would put the tire that you took off. Looks like a miserable day.
  3. What's out there that you recommend? Not seeing much that's already Melonite treated. I really don't want to mess with sending something out to be treated. I know Seekins Precision makes one, but I'm not very familiar with them and I don't think they are HPT/MPI.
  4. Anyone have any experience with nickel boron treated bolt carriers? Looking for feedback on reliability and upkeep. Thinking of using this one on a build I'm working on. FailZero
  5. Somehow now it's fixed. Thanks porter.
  6. I appreciate your help, but it shows up on my screen as stretched vertically to the point that it is unidentifiable.
  7. Well, that didn't work out so well.
  8. I've never been able to upload an avatar. I have it resized within the limits listed and have tried all the listed formats. I get a message telling me to contact a moderator. Here is the full size picture I'm trying to upload. Thanks in advance.
  9. DCM

    Free Mustang?

    Looks better than I thought it would. Reminded me of some very similar pictures of my old car.
  10. DCM

    Free Mustang?

    Based on those pictures, plan on tearing into the cowl. Common rust spot and source of leaks. Mine was in much better condition and leaked onto the floorboard every rain. Good luck, looking forward to seeing your progress.
  11. Anyone think Phil did this on purpose? He's not stupid. He is a part time preacher. Has a son who left his preaching position to be on the show to reach a bigger audience. Phil has already said he doesn't have long term plans to be a part of the show. I feel like Phil decided to use his celebrity status to state his beliefs to create this controversy. Don't think he thought it would amount to as much as it has, but I do think he wanted to use this as a platform to preach from.
  12. Was that Dave's C5 in that video?
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